Real Black Men

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Besides this being a great video showcasing how there are black men out here who care about their community, the brother narrating it said some powerful things in it as well. He asked, “Why do so many people love to …


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Men and women balance each other out. I was out with my friend a couple of days ago, shopping for gifts for my boy’s kids. She suggested that I get gift bags. I’m like what the heck is that. She …

Ratchets are necessary for our survival!

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Yes, your read that right. Ratchets are necessary for the survival of the black man and women. That probably sounds crazy but it is so true. Think about it. Us so-called “educated” folks aren’t having kids. Even though all the …

I was slacking! -_-

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I always stress the importance of writing, but today I did not take my own advice to heart. I had a powerful conversation starting idea in my mind earlier today but I didn’t write it down. Now it is gone …

Do you swallow?

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I realize that a lot of people don’t know about the dangers of chemicals in their products, especially the chemical known as fluoride. Fluoride is in every major brand’s toothpaste. It is also in our tap water. You can read about …


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I usually acknowledge people who cross my path in the street but I have received so many non replies that it was starting to get to me! The times when someone does say hello and smiles at me first throws …

Rock battles

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I swear the ancestors have to be watching over us. I honestly don’t know how most young men make it past the age of 18. Seriously, we do the dumbest things as kids. One of the dumbest things that I …

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The awakening is happening! It may be happening a little slower than most of us “UP” people would like, but IT IS HAPPENING!!! Keep grinding! Keep spreading knowledge! We will bear the fruits of our labor! Believe that! IT IS HAPPENING!!! …

My chill day

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I rarely take any breaks, but since today is my birthday. I think I can at least sit back, relax and chill for one day out of the year!