Clear Conscience

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My best friend told me a while back that I need to quit sitting on all of the ideas that I have locked up in my mind. He was right! I need to buckle down and focus. I would hate …


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Am I crazy? I really stare at myself in the mirror and talk bad to myself sometimes. When I do something that I know that I am not supposed to do, I get angry at myself. No I am not …

I have been taking Viagra

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LOL! If you took the title of this seriously. I’m a god and I treat my temple as such. I do however make homemade drinks that consist of fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs and seeds. So in a sense I am …

Sorry Folks

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Nothing to report this week. I just came back from Costa Rica and my mind is in another place. Just know that us Americans have life backwards.

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Something so simple

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The picture reads: I hope you have a great day, and remember to always keep your head up. As I was walking home the other day, I heard a young man say bro from behind me. When I turned around …

Monkey See, Monkey Do

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Earlier today as I was riding my bike through D.C., I stopped at a local park to workout. A few minutes into doing some pull ups, two young men ran up and started naming in order the workouts that I …

Baby Momma Drama

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Mother’s Day is coming up in a few days. It’s one of the most cherished and joyous of holidays for most. I think we all look forward to spending this valued time with our mothers. However, there’s a caveat to …

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Get Outta Here!

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I swear they don’t see what’s coming. As a matter of fact, I know they don’t see what’s coming. If they did, their attitudes and demeanor would change. Instead, all I see is a bunch of zombies walking around aimlessly. …

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Arrogant People

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Arrogant is defined as having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one’s own importance and abilities. I know way too many arrogant people who don’t see themselves as so. They haven’t worked hard in their life but somehow they think …

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Throughout all of the religious and spiritual text, the human body has been ordained as man’s temple. The word temple can be broken down into two words. Temp and El (le). Temp is the abbreviated version of the word temporary. Temporary …

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No Distractions

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These companies are out of their minds with the way they keep inflating the price on everything. I say that because I no longer have the internet in my home. I cut it off because Comcrash raised the bill exorbitantly. And …

Yes Sir! Yes Ma’am!

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Should kids address their elders as sir and ma’am? I have been contemplating on this question for a while. The good thing that I can see as a result of doing so, would be that these kids will be raised …

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FREE BOOKS! Click on the links below to download these books directly to your computer, laptop, phone or tablet. Water the Shocking Truth That Can Save Your Life by Paul C. Bragg and Patricia Bragg. This book breaks down the importance …

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Men and women balance each other out. I was out with my friend a couple of days ago, shopping for gifts for my boy’s kids. She suggested that I get gift bags. I’m like what the heck is that. She …

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Ratchets are necessary for our survival!

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Yes, your read that right. Ratchets are necessary for the survival of the black man and women. That probably sounds crazy but it is so true. Think about it. Us so-called “educated” folks aren’t having kids. Even though all the …

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I was slacking! -_-

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I always stress the importance of writing, but today I did not take my own advice to heart. I had a powerful conversation earlier today but I didn’t write it down. Now it is gone with the wind and I …

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Do you swallow?

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I realize that a lot of people don’t know about the dangers of chemicals in their products, especially the chemical known as fluoride. Fluoride is in every major brand’s toothpaste. It is also in our tap water. You can read about …


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I usually acknowledge people who cross my path in the street but I have received so many non replies that it was starting to get to me! The times when someone does say hello and smiles at me first throws …