Are you happy?

My life is hectic! I am doing the most with my time. Since doing the cleanse, I have been way more focused on accomplishing my goals. Real magic happens when you refrain from media (ALL MEDIA). Being that I cut out all of the distractions that are in my control to cut out; I have been magically able to make …

Too Much Information

I’m a health fanatic/ freak. I try to exercise and workout everyday. I stretch like there is no tomorrow. I try to eat as healthy as possible. I make my own green veggie and fruit juices. But even in doing all of that, I realized that I wasn’t as healthy as I thought I was. I am what most people …


We argue It’s my fault We fight It’s my fault We fuss It’s my fault We scream & cuss It’s my fault IT’S ALWAYS MY FAULT! You don’t deserve a better man You deserve a better me Since it’s hard for me to give an apology I’ll post this poem As my plea PLEAse don’t leave!!!

This page isn’t working

I would like to apologize for the past two weeks that I wasn’t able to post anything. I wasn’t able to log in or even pull my site up to log in. Every time I tried to log in I would see the same reoccurring message of “This page isn’t working.” I read all of the articles and watched all …



Do you remember that one friend who always hit the reset button every time they started to lose the game? Everybody hated that kid. If that kid was you, I still hate you! I’m just playing but some times I wish life was like Nintendo and I could hit the reset button when bad decisions are made. Maybe that’s the …


The fruits of my labor.

A lot of people want the fruits but don’t want to put in the labor to get them. Or they want to just throw a seed in the soil, but they never want to water it. They may think that just because they planted the seed that is enough in order for it to grow into an apple tree. That …


I’m man enough to admit that I cry.

It will take Discipline. To get out of this system. Only then, will a real change come. I’m man enough to admit that I cry. Both those songs bring tears to my eyes. They’re so relevant to my life and what I am doing to free our people of their bondage. When I first saw that scene from Malcolm X, …


Riddle me this!

Riddle me this. If you don’t respect and love your own, how can you be mad at others who don’t respect or love you?


Jesus Never Ate Garbage

You can’t spend your entire life eating garbage and not taking care of your health, then decide to scream “Jesus” every time you feel an ache or pain. I don’t think that’s how it goes. Naw! I know that’s not how it goes. The Most High put us here to be responsible human beings. If you are a fully functioning …



Take a leap of faith! The world is waiting for you to blossom. Risk something. What bad can really happen? It doesn’t have to be life altering. Do something that you always wanted to do. Money doesn’t make the world go round. Risk takers do! Think about that!


Rest and Relax

Sometimes it’s good to just rest and relax. Your mind, body and soul may be calling for just that. Rest and Relax!



Each one of us have endured things that changed our perspective on life. Either you witnessed it or was involved in these traumatic events. Have the events affected you positively or negatively? On my most recent solo road trip, I had the opportunity to reflect. The very thought of the traumatic things that altered my life put a smile on …



To be a maverick, you have to be single-minded. Being single-minded takes discipline. To gain discipline it takes work, a lot of work. EVERYTHING you do must be in line with your goals. Matthew 6:24 in the bible reads, “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will …


Are you Ready for War?

In today’s twisted society, you have to be ready for anything at any given moment. There are some serious nut cases out here roaming around. In D.C. there is no shortage of them. I train damn near every day in order to be ready for war. After reading this quick story, I pray that it moves you to do the …


The Solutions

I’ve come to the realization, that people don’t really want it. It’s easier to cry about the situation than to actually do something about it. It’s so clear to see now. You can have all of the solutions. You can have the game plan ready to bring the solutions about. BUT…. The solutions take HARD work. They won’t just show …


I Need Moor Money

How much money is enough money? In today’s world, can you ever have enough money? What dollar amount would make you feel comfortable? Do you really find comfort in having money? At times, I feel like being at the bottom is better than being at the top. When you’re at the bottom, you have something to strive for. Goals to …


Protect Yourself

Protect yourself! Protect your mind. Protect your heart. Protect your body. Protect your soul. Psalm 91.



It’s hard for me to get my point across Plus my parents taught me not to point at people Until I fix me Imma quit trying to fix you I bid you all adieu Farewell