Valentine’s Day

In Knowledge by Cliff Green3 Comments

How come we wait for certain days of the year, for us to show our loved ones that they’re really loved ones?

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No excuses!

In Inspiration, Motivation by Cliff Green6 Comments

I really grew up in the hood. Not the glamorized hood, but the real hood. Back when Gangbanging was heavy! You couldn’t even walk across the street without someone asking you, “Where you from?” Life was gritty back then. With …

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Simple Things

In POWERgraph, Wisdom by Cliff Green2 Comments

I humbled myself for once. A few hours later a super blessing came into my life. It’s crazy how the simple things yield the biggest results. Try it one day! See what happens.

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To whom much is given!

In Truth by Cliff Green5 Comments

With the weight of the world on my shoulder That’s why they call me “Hova” I’m far from being God But I work goddamn hard – Jay Z I heard that I’m not responsible for the world twice in 24 …

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In POWERgraph by Cliff Green2 Comments

That gut feeling that you have deep inside of you telling you to go that way, is right. Listen to it and go that way. Every time I’ve done the opposite, it has always and I mean ALWAYS been the …

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Random Health Tip: Magnesium Oil

In Health & Fitness by Cliff Green2 Comments

Just a few health benefits of magnesium oil are: better sleep, improved skin, stress and joint pain relief, and it boost energy. That is just a small list of magnesium oil’s benefits. For in-depth information on magnesium oil, click this link. …

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Wisdom comes with age

In Truth, Wisdom by Cliff Green5 Comments

On Kendrick Lamar’s CD “To Pimp a Butterfly” he was interviewing Pac. The whole concept was pure genius. Hats off to Kendrick for being this creative. There is one part of the interview that I resonated with me. I would like …

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cRAP Music

In Community, Truth, Wisdom by Cliff Green20 Comments

Rap music is so contradicting. In one verse the rapper will rap about how he lost a couple of his homies to the streets. Then he will turn around and glorify the streets in the very next verse. When will …