A Painful Lesson Learned

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We are here to experience and live life to the fullest, all while learning new lessons at every turn. And that’s what I do, I live life to the fullest; hence the title of this site 25 Black and ALIVE! When it comes to learning I am an avid student of life. I learn something new with every situation that I go though.

The latest lesson learned was taught to me by Pain. Pain taught me a valuable lesson about myself and people in general. Pain in any form whether it be physical or emotional takes you away from being who you truly are. The latest pain that I went through was that of a physical injury.

For me being injured not only didn’t feel good, it put me on a hiatus from living life. I couldn’t run and ride my bike for miles everyday. I went on a hiatus from working out for two weeks, therefore I wasn’t releasing all the endorphins that I usually do, leaving me with built up aggression and anger. I say that because for the last two weeks I wasn’t the happy, goofy loving Cliff that everybody knows me to be. I felt it within myself that I had changed and became mean and rude to others.

It took for me to heal up to see the lesson that I was being taught. My mood and character instantly brightened as soon as I healed and that’s when I realized that the reason most people act out towards others is because they are living in some form of pain. A pain that they can’t bear. They may be lashing out in anger, an anger that looks to be directed at you but in actuality it is an anger of their self and their own situation. Imagine feeling excruciating pain every time that you wake up and get out of the bed. I’m pretty sure that you wouldn’t be the most happy camper either. A lot of us attempt to mask our pain but it comes out in some form or another. So when someone is acting out of character and it feels as though they are coming at you wrong; remember not to take it personally. They’re not mad at you, they are mad at their self.

For the people who are going though physical pain due to injury, my best advice to you would be to use the R.I.C.E. method (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevate) To those of you going through pain due to an illness or disease usually ending with ITIS (i.e. arthritis, conjunctivitis, colitis, etc) It means that you are feeling some type of inflammation. My best advice for you would to be to DETOX, FLUSH and CLEANSE your system the herbal way or by eating an abundant amount of vegetables, fruits and nuts all while drinking nothing but water. You also may be allergic to something that you are eating. Plus most of the foods in today’s grocery stores are made to put our bodies in some form of illness. Food AND Drug Administration (FDA). They can ‘t profit if you are healthy. Off subject a bit but it was just a thought.

To those of you going through a mental or emotional pain that seems to be to big of a burden, remember no burden is place on your shoulders that you can’t handle. The answer/ cure for mental and emotional pain is buried within yourself. As are all answers in life. Only you know the true reason as to why you feel the way you do and only you know the answer to feeling better.  You can always seek solace from your friends and family. To piggyback to last week’s post, another outlet for you could be to write down your hardships. Read the comment by D in Mystery/ My-story/ Mastery. Writing is a great way to work through problems.

This post was me doing a little bit of self-analysis with the hopes that you do the same next time that you are going through a situation that has you acting out of your natural character. Remember that every obstacle is set in front of you in order for you learn and grow while conquering it.

Love, Peace and Blessings to you and yours!

Know ThySELF!


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