American Dreamin’

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To all my fallen soldiers

That didn’t make it to 25

Didn’t even make it to 21

I wish you were alive

Why’d he have to use a gun

What happened to fist fights

Take a L

Come back the next day

Killed by another brotha

Is what the news going say

But I know why he did it

He loved the white man’s image

Black men dying over Four Quarters

When did life become a scrimmage

Chasing after a dream

That we’re not even in

When will we all wake up

Somebody tell me


American Dreamin’


  1. Solid poem Brother Cliff! “He loved the white man’s image .. black man dying over four quarters”. That was fire! I absolutely agree. We need to detox our minds of the constant tendency to put money on a pedestal.

    1. Author

      People have an addiction (that’s not the word that I am looking for) with money. Money has become most people’s god whether they know it or not. It’s hard not to fall for the trap. I completely agree with you though. We need a detox from this entire system in general. Most of our minds, bodies and souls are depleted from this rat race. We are not in a good place.

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