Are Black Men Feared?

In Knowledge, Motivation by Cliff Green

This article was sent to me from a lady friend who would like to remain anonymous at this time, but would like for her voice to be heard. If you read this and a fire isn’t sparked inside your heart, mind and soul; then you must not be living in the same world that I am living in:

Black men are feared! They are the toughest most invincible man; many weapons are needed to hold them down. Their power, their glory! Physicality and athleticism! They made the best slaves. In order to subdue one black man, many white men are “needed”. Proven time and time again, most recently in how the police (biggest gang in the US mainly composed of white men most who more than likely are/were Klansmen) deal with the black men. Why, because black men are strong…scary!

A man who fears another man should be easily beat, because fear is a quality of the weak. It hinders all strength and ability. Therefore, the white man should be easily beat. The chains of oppression easily broken. Yet and still black men will only fight each other, not the white man who “fears” them. Not the white man who oppresses them. But their own brothers whom they should be building with; banding together with to solve the issues. Forming an army to fight back! And most definitely not standing by watching another fellow brother being beat by all white police. Most especially, not in the hood, where arms run abound. Black men feel they need to be armed to protect themselves from another black man; I don’t think there is any question of fire power in the hood. So, no question of inherent genetic greatness or arms, what’s the problem?

I put “fears” in quotes because black men are being bodied by the pound by white men sworn to protect them. They do not fear you, you are but a boy and you better not stand up to their authority. “Kill your brother all you want, we like that! It breeds more separation and fear; you won’t band together and kill us!” The truth is black men fear the white man. How/why?  Because they are winning.

Destroy the myth! Do not continue to assuage your ego by touting your so-called greatness! It does not exist, not any longer! Your life is worthless, value-less, you will be beat by 12 if you ride your bike the wrong way down a one-way street!  You are disposable. “Many white men aren’t “needed” to subdue you because you’re so strong. In all actuality, you are a sport. It’s fun to kill you! Don’t believe the hype of your greatness, we have had 400 years of beating and oppressing you, there is no fear on our part! You are weak and inferior. That’s why we took your land and made you our slaves!  You’re not even smart enough to band together and fight back! We would have a long time ago if we we’re on the receiving end of that stick. Real men, white men, love their leisure sports and we won’t be giving them up anytime soon! Just like hunting, we know there are grocery stores around, but what’s the fun in that! We all know you won’t have anything to do with stopping us! Continue on thinking you are special! Another 400 years will have passed… Dumb niggers; let them have their stories of glory!”

The thing is what has any modern-day black man done to disprove this?