Are You a Heru (Hero)?

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Yesterday, as I was leaving the mall (don’t get it twisted, I meant what I said in Protest. There is just nothing to do while in Florence) and walking through the parking lot; I see a mother and her son walking toward their car. The mom turns left behind her truck but her little man kept walking. As he was walking he was bearing to the right, farther and farther into the middle of the aisle. I’m already a little leery while watching him. I guess my cautiousness paid off, because out of nowhere a car starts to back from out of their parking spot. So me always being on alert, I run up screaming, “HEY! HEY! HEY! HEY! HEY!”, trying to get the mom to grab her son and pull him out of harm’s way.

The car never backed up close enough to hit the child, but it could have. The boy was one maybe two years old; young boys are known for just up and running off. That’s what kids do.

As I get around the car, the young man’s mother is standing there smiling. She told me thank you! I told her that it was no problem and that we all have to look out for our little ones. I looked at the little man and said, “What’s up?” to him. Then looked back at his mother and told them to have a blessed day and kept it moving onto my hotel. But before I could even take two steps, a lady and her children walked by me and she looked at me and said, “That was good! That was good of you!” I smiled at her and told her and her family to have a blessed day!

I wrote this quick story just to ask if you would have done the same thing. Are other people’s kids your responsibility? I know that a lot of people wouldn’t want a stranger to say anything to their kids, in today’s twisted society and that is totally overstandable. But when do our African proverbs come into play? “It takes a village to raise a child.”

I remember this one day when I was riding around with my father and we rode past a hoop court with some young men playing basketball. So I kind of slowed down to watch a little bit of the action. He quickly told me that I shouldn’t have done that because some people may have viewed it as perverted (I couldn’t think of the actual word used). I understood where he was coming from, but I don’t have any ill intentions or negative thoughts like that. And neither should other people.

When will we stop listening to the negative news and trash television that has always been used to keep us in a constant state of negative/ fearful thinking? When will we go back to admiring and putting stand up people in the forefront? We will never see the light in people if we always portray the darkness that is out here. Let’s build a media outlet that only promotes positive people and positive things. Let’s work to change the false and negative perception of us that has been promoted so heavily in the media.

I’m all in! Are you a Heru (Hero)?


  1. I find myself not watching much news. I turn on briefly for weather and traffic reports and I’m done. They focus on sensationalistic reporting. And during an hour’s broadcast they’ll repeat the same depressing, negative crap at least three times. Not much attention is given to positive things going on.

  2. Yes! I’m always the one asking ‘where’s your mother??!’ [pretty loudly too] when I see an unaccompanied child. I get some weird looks and the kids usually run over to where they’re supposed to be. I just know it would hurt my heart to find out something tragic happened to a kid when I could have helped prevent it.

    I agree that we need to be more open and not so quick to get mad when someone else checks us or our kids, especially if it’s coming from a good place. I mean, we’re not perfect beings. We all need a little help sometimes.

    1. Author

      Exactly Kelley! I do think a lot of people are to concerned about what someone else may think or say to them when speaking to their child, but if you are saying or doing what you are doing with a pure heart, why should you care? I would rather get weird looks than to see a child get hurt, not on my watch! Thank you for commenting!

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