Art is life!

My nephew, Zy’en, just told me that he wants more art classes in school, so I’m going to dedicate this ARTicle to the arts. As I iterated in last week’s ARTicle, I do not watch TV and neither should you. The moment I cut the television out of my life was the moment my life changed completely for the better.

I do what I love to do for a living, which is travel. Along with traveling, I am writing for and building this site that will hopefully touch and influence many people’s lives. I make some ill jewelry. I have been coloring (yeah in a coloring book). I have been making different designs for various things. Drawing more. Working on real estate. But even more importantly than any business venture, I still find time to take care of my health and be fit. Along with spending time (not TV time) with my family and loved ones.

When people ask where do you find time to do so much, I tell them that I don’t spend time watching other people go after and live their dreams. I focus on doing the things that I love to. The things that will progress myself, my family and people in general forward. And the things that will progress people forward or backwards is art. Art is more than just paintings on the wall. Art is a lifestyle. Art is a true expression of self.

If you really want to know the importance of the arts check out the post EXPRESS yourself. That post will explain how art is and was used to mold people’s perspective.

They’ve been saying for the past couple years that there is plans to take the arts out of the schools. I’m asking that we all push to keep art in school. Don’t let them kill children’s imagination across America.

Be artistic!

As always thanks for reading!

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      I used to love art day! I used to love all my classes back then. I wish I could redo elementary school all over again. I’m a kid at heart. Thanks Kelley for dropping in.

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          Haaa who you telling! I honestly wish I could travel back in time. i guess I’ll just live in the bliss of my memories.
          And that’s so true. A lot of people live how they think or have been told adults are “suppose” to live. They don’t have that artistic spark (imagination) or drive anymore.

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