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Baby Momma Drama

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Mother’s Day is coming up in a few days. It’s one of the most cherished and joyous of holidays for most. I think we all look forward to spending this valued time with our mothers. However, there’s a caveat to this holiday. It sometimes comes with the drama that stems from the baby momma. Have you ever heard of “baby momma drama?” In short, “baby momma drama” is a negative term and usually involves anger, jealously, displeasure among individuals sharing child(ren) who continuously are at odds with one another. “Baby momma drama” could have one or more women as well as one or more men. There’s no distinction to how many individuals are involved.

The claim to fame for many women in today’s society is to be the baby momma. You don’t have to search far to see belligerent women bickering because of this, running to any media outlet to proclaim their position. Among all, our children sit alongside observing the disrespect and name calling take place. This phenomena has spread to every community and it’s being idolized. Yes, I call this a phenomena because this type of behavior wasn’t glorified and heavily publicized until a few years ago. Women are getting endorsements, tv shows and being paid thru the court system from being a baby momma. As long as these women are being rewarded, they will continue this type of behavior.

But let me pivot this discussion to talk about the men too. I couldn’t talk about this topic without including the men. Us, men don’t get a pass from this. In many cases, we’re the primary reason the baby momma drama exist. Men act as if they’re the prized possession in these situations. I would like to tell all men that “baby momma drama” is one of the biggest issues tearing our communities apart and we have to take ownership. It will only get worse if we allow this issue to continue. We have the power to change this and make a positive impact for generation to come. Its time to buck this trend.

Hopefully, we’re all able to not have the “baby momma drama” and enjoy Mother’s Day. Mothers play a big part in our lives and should be celebrated not torn down amongst one another. So, put the differences aside and display respect, peace and love for our mothers. They’re all we got..!!! Thank you for your time. I believe this message will influence us all to do better.. Brother Cliff, I appreciate the opportunity.

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