Bald head little girl

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“You bald head little girl! You’re so F’n bad! I should slap the s**t out of you!” That’s what I heard a lady tell her daughter as I sat there and waited to check out, at the grocery store.

“Eww they’re going to arrest you because you didn’t pay for that sucker! They’re going to put you in cuffs and take you to jail.” That’s what I heard her tell her daughter as we were walking out of the grocery store. I know, it sounds cruel and it is, but some people really don’t know any better. They’re only emulating what their parents did.

No one may have taught them that children’s minds are to be molded. Or that parents should be very careful of everything they say and do around they’re children. Take that baby girl for instance; If her mother continues to feed her mind with sick comments like she was doing, her daughter will more than likely internalize those comments (thoughts) and make them into her reality.

Parents have to be even more aware of all the outside influences that they allow into their children’s minds i.e. (music, TV, games, etc.) There are too many subliminal messages being pushed through all forms of media to even think to allow your child to partake in them without fully reviewing the content beforehand. I told you of the dangers of watching or listening to media in “Momma told me not to talk to strangers!

I have witnessed someone near and dear to me pretend to beat his meat. Mind you, he is only four years old. When I asked where he got that from, he and his brother told me that someone on YouTube does it. A lot of these shows hide behind the guise of being cartoons and for children. Leading you to believe that they are innocent. Never realizing that a grown ADULT wrote and directed these CHILDREN shows. I’m going to leave it at that so that you can think on it.

If your eyes aren’t open to what’s going on at this time in history, I pray that something eye or someone like-minded says something to you that resonates with you to see the importance of being aware. Not only for yourself but for OUR future generations to come. For the young lady that I wanted to say something to earlier today but God didn’t give me the words to speak, I’m going to pray for her and her daughter.

If you have witnessed similar things, please leave a comment below. Let me know what happened and what we can do to fix it.


  1. I say all the time that people need to be very careful of what they do & say around their children & what they allow their kids to see & hear in the media. But a lot of people say, “It’s just TV”, “It’s just a movie”, “It’s just a cartoon”, etc. It’s NOT. They are FULL of messages like you said & kids are a lot smarter & catch on to things a lot more than we think. We have to stop making & believing these excuses & take this stuff seriously.

    1. Author

      I couldn’t agree with you anymore. I’m tired of the lazy attitude that we carry when it comes to all the serious things that are happening to and around us. Game time is over. Thanks for tuning in!

  2. I myself have stopped children from running in the store and made them find their parent. And told their parent what I did. I have spoken to a grown woman in the market who was talking to her older mother like she was a child. I tried my best to make a funny comment so the younger woman would not get pissed off at me. I said “Is that your mom? Guurrlll, my mom would slap me upside my head if I spoke to her like that! The older lady looked up at me (she was all bent over) and the younger woman looked at me and kinda laughed a little bit. Then we just resumed our shopping. But the younger woman did lower her voice. Some things you just can’t let pass.

    1. Author

      I am pretty sure they need to hear that from you. The way these kids treat their parents and vice versa is astonishing. I’m not to old but I was raised by parents with the old school mentality. Get out of line and get aid on my behind. I wish that style of parenting comes back. Thank you for tuning in Ms. Green.

  3. I’ve noticed, in general, how African American parents speak down to or not at all to their children. I’ve consciously paid attention to how parents of other ethnicities and races speak to their children, and it’s not even comparable.

    1. Author

      It’s so degrading how we speak to our children. It’s like they want their kids to feel inferior. How can a kid have hope for him or herself when the parent isn’t providing any words of encouragement. Thanks Ms. Garland for tuning in.

  4. I also hate when the parent is talking on their phone/on their phone when out and about, barely acknowledging their kids’ presence or engaging with them.

  5. I really hate seeing parents drag their kids along, kids who are barely able to walk (but wearing Jordans) and yelling at them to get up! Stand up! It makes zero sense.

    1. Author

      Awww please don’t bring up the Jordan thing! I REALLY HATE seeing any of us wearing Jordan’s but know they can’t afford them.
      I think kids on tablets and phones all day is neglect. If you don’t want to interact with YOUR children, then don’t have any.

      1. Zactly. I know some parents do it just to shut them up. Like you said, they’re not babysitters.

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