Which came first, the Chicken or the Egg?

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The principle that wisdom comes with age is not true in all cases. It’s barely true in most cases. In 2017 – 2018 the elders seem to walk around here more lost than the youth. They love to talk about how the youth are this and how the youth is that, but they have never looked in the mirror to realize that they are the ones to blame for the way the youth act today.

As I stated in Family Equals Perfection; children imitate what they see their parents doing. Children also imitate the people around them whether good or bad when they don’t have parents who are being parents. Or they may have parents or a parent who is still believes that they are in their youth, whatever their age may be.

When the parent wants to act as a friend instead of a parent, there will be a lack of respect in that relationship. That is where we are at as people. The youth do not respect the elders. And to be honest I can’t blame them. It’s hard to respect people who you can’t even look to for words of advice or encouragement.

Case in point: Recently, I was listening to two of my elders go back and forth about relationships. It was an older male and female both around the age of 50. The lady had bought up that she had suspicion to believe that her husband may be stepping out on her. We discussed it and her reasoning had merit but it wasn’t enough to make a solid conclusion off of. So them two started talking about cheating and if either of them have done it before. The lady then went on to explain how women are better at it and how they just make men believe that they are good at it.

Being the inquisitive person that I am, I asked her to please explain how and why she thinks that women are better cheaters. She went on to laugh and say, “I’m not snitching on us! I’m not snitching on us!” I am sitting there looking at her like why do you think that this is cute. You are in you fifties and I know that people will always do what people do. But when do they grow up, if ever. She never thought like maybe he’s asking because he needs relationship advice and wants to know what and what not to look for in a women. Not saying that I should look for signs of cheating but if the signs popped up I would know them. She could have gave me the jewels to ensure that my Family does Equal Perfection. Where’s the love?

As I am typing this, the thought came to my mind that I will have to pull her to the side and ask her a few questions, but then again I am the youth. Shouldn’t she have schooled me. Why do I have to take the wiser position? It is what it is tho! Some of us are beyond our years in age, but still need guidance.

To loop this back to the youth not respecting the elders. Should they have to? (Yes, but seriously) They’re not teaching us anything. They’re not pulling us to the side and saying, “Son look here….!” All of the stuff that they claim happened to them growing up in their communities, they haven’t or won’t do the same things to us. They elders want to hold the youth accountable for their behavior but they need people to mirror their image after.

So which came first, the Chicken or the Egg?


  1. Yet another thoughtful article! Im 31 and have been blessed to have pretty much stayed on a straight path through life! I give much credit to those who were around me during my earlier years as examples of what to do and what not to do! However, I’ve personally never had someone that i felt comfortable enough to go to, to discuss certain things! So in return as I continue to find myself and find my way through life, Im currently opening up those lines of communication with my younger family members so that they can have someone to atleast talk to on any type of level! Our youth need us now more than ever! And more times than not, we all need someone to talk to!

    I salute what you’re doing and your angles on this here blog Cliff!

    1. Author

      Julz I appreciate you tuning in and showing love! The young boys in the family probably look up to you more than you know. I bet one of them come up to you later in life and express their gratitude for you and how you lead by example. One of these days when I am in the Burgh, you, Pickle and I have to get up and chop it up.

  2. Man this is very deep and I do agree with you. I think that many of us have dropped the ball when it comes to mentoring the next generation.
    I am the mother of a soon to be 24 year old and I realized that I am no longer his “mommy.” In essence, I function more like an elder trusted advisor.
    I can’t tell him what to do, but I can tell him about possible outcomes of his decisions based on my years of experience.
    I’m blessed to be able to do that with him and with quite a few other young people in my life.
    You are wise beyond your years, clearly you were raised by folks with knowledge and good sense! 💞

    1. Author

      I am pretty sure he appreciates you very much! Real men love their moms to the moon and back, even as they get older!
      I gotta hand it to my mom and pops that ain’t do too bad with me and my sisters. lol. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a jewel. You are always appreciated.

  3. “She never thought like maybe he’s asking because he needs relationship advice and wants to know what and what not to look for in a women?” Cliff, maybe she needed prompting. She was in a “funny” frame of mind at the time. You were waiting for her to do something YOU thought should be done. Next time, just come straight out and tell her you would appreciate advise from an older, wiser person. Of course she may fall off her chair laughing and say “yea right”. But maybe she will get serious and come up with a gem. Then again, she may not want to give away her secrets to a young whippersnapper like you. (haha, just kidding). Maybe her knowledge comes from knowing how to cook or how to file papers. Because we are older does not always make us wiser. You might be able to teach her how to hear someone and possibly supply them with answers. I think the Chicken comes before the egg, but my Chicken told me things like “You will NOT write with your left hand!” And our household was a mad house. So things are not always the way they “should” be. Ok, enough out of me. p.s.: If you ask anyone in my vicinity (friends, family) though, they will tell you that I love being the Chicken. I will school you only you won’t be able to shut me up. LOL. OK I’m done.

    1. Author

      YOU ARE SO RIGHT! I should’ve took the initiative and prompted her to give me some answers.
      LOL I would love to sit down and listen to you talk all day. I can use a good schooling.
      Thank you for stopping by and always supporting Mrs. Green.

  4. I don’t know, but I like mine with a biscuit.

    But for real, I am with you. I was at a friend’s house recently and all her dad spoke on was Facebook, how women (feminazis) are taking over the world and Trump! He’s hilarious, but my mother’s parents were always dropping gems. I can talk about feminazis with my girls. My grandfather died when I was in high school, but I wish I had more of my grandma’s wisdom to lean on as an adult; I’d appreciate it now more than ever.

    I was speaking to another elder at this photo shoot last weekend, and it was so refreshing because she spoke on past hurts and how she is just living and loving her life now as a mother and grandmother. Listening to her talk was like reading a history book. I know I am lucky to have my mom who still treats me like a teen sometimes and is stubborn as all get out, but she knows her stuff.

    Great post topic, Cliff.

    1. Author

      Lol “Feminazis”! that definitely seems to be the new wave. SMH.
      I wish I could speak to my grandparents and absorb eveything that they had to give. I was too young when they passed to realize everything that I had missed out on.
      And speaking to WISE elders is definitely refreshing. I love listening to their stories. Especially the ones that know who they are and ain’t scared to tell the truth.
      Parents are so annoying but you gotta to love them. Lol. My dad is the same way.
      Thanks for tuning in Kelley. I’ve been pre-occupied but my time has been freed up. So I should be around the blogosphere more often. I miss everybody!

      1. Right on. There is that difference between elders that are just angry and wanna project.. then those that want you to learn from them.

        We miss you too!

        1. Author

          I can’t lie sometimes the angry elders give me life! Especially the ones that went through the real struggle. They always have something funny to say about Caucasians.

          1. Oh I like those kinds too. Not the kinds that are angry at you for being younger or smiling or breathing.

  5. Social media has KILLED being intellectually social in my opinion. Its seems as if our elders are trapped in the cycle of trying to be trendy instead of trying to be wise or helpful. I agree with all the other sentiments in the comments as well. It is sadly true, in a lot of cases age is really just a number. Smh

  6. Ive learned very early that age does not equate to knowledge and wisdom. You figure some ppl in there 50s and up are the ex dealers users pimps and hoes in the 70s, 80s even 90s. Not that you cant learn from there testimonials in than lifestyle/era but a lot of them still carry themselves in that light. Only thing that matured was the body but the mind is still very immature.

    1. Author

      “Only thing that matured was the body but the mind is still very immature.” So very true! I honestly don’t think age makes you an elder anymore. It just makes you old depending on the person. I always appreciate the love god!

  7. I agree completely! There is no guidance in today’s age. It’s MOSTLY everyone for themselves. How do we grow as people if we have noone to teach us? This is why the “reach 1, teach 1” purpose is so important to our culture. We have to be the ones to lay the foundation.

    1. Author

      We’re definitely working and i know that you are raising your children to be gods and goddesses but we need more people to think on this higher level, if we are ever to grow as a people. That selfish mentality has us stuck scratching our heads. Keep building tho god, brick by brick! Thanks for tuning in my real pops! LOL!

  8. Sad to say. I can’t think of the last time I looked to an elder and thought that I could truly learn a life lesson from this person. This being the age of social media, even the elders are focusing on selfies vs dropping jewels. The days of sitting on the porch and gaining valuable knowledge seem to be coming to an end. Welcome the time of living in the moment for likes and retweets.

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