You can’t teach an old dog new tricks!

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Just as it was looking like all hope was lost; a beautiful baby girl smiled at me and reminded that she is the reason as to why I do this.

I sometimes get discouraged when I watch us move about as people. The way we act and move against each other saddens me. I do not watch TV nor am I bogged down by the constant mind manipulation of them showing us as negative; I am speaking from experience and my every day life. We are really in a bad situation as a whole. We look unhealthy physically, mentally and spiritually. Our aura as a whole isn’t as bright as it once was. And of course this doesn’t go for all of us, but I guess since I care so much; when I see some downtrodden I take it as we are all downtrodden, myself included. As I said in Slaveship Mentality, “WE ARE ALL IN THE SAME BOAT!” And that can be disheartening when you live your life for the betterment of your people. At times, I wish I was a quitter, but I am not. Especially when I see a beautiful, black baby girl with nothing but joy and possibilities in their eyes. These kids are what keep me pushing. A lot of you old folks are so far gone that, I don’t even try with you. You’re stuck in your ways and even if your ways are bad, you don’t care, they’re you ways.


  1. This article is so deep to me. But I won’t go on and on lol. I will say some people , most people are either unaware that their thought process is toxic. Or they have no clue how to change it. Especially if that’s all you know or all you associate with. It’s easier to go with the wave than against it. And to be honest our elders have seen SOOOO much in their lifetime. Sometimes you can’t help but understand their ways. Just pray you keep your fire, think of them whenever you feel like giving up.

    1. Author

      Hey Von, You can go on and on as much as like. I would like for people to state their thoughts, beliefs and opinions. It starts discussions that need to be had. You’re right about our elders. Even though some of their perspectives are so off! I still respect them because they’re our elders. But when it comes to those around our age, that is a whole other story!

    1. Author

      How are you Nidotopian? She was a random, beautiful baby girl that I seen on the metro. She had the brightest smile and just kept cheesing at me! She let me know that the work will never be done until we are in a rightful place as people!

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