You can’t teach an old dog new tricks!

In Knowledge by Cliff Green

Just as it was looking like all hope was lost; a beautiful baby girl smiled at me and reminded that she is the reason as to why I do this.

I sometimes get discouraged when I watch us move about as people. The way we act and move against each other saddens me. I do not watch TV nor am I bogged down by the constant mind manipulation of them showing us as negative; I am speaking from experience and my every day life. We are really in a bad situation as a whole. We look unhealthy physically, mentally and spiritually. Our aura as a whole isn’t as bright as it once was. And of course this doesn’t go for all of us, but I guess since I care so much; when I see some downtrodden I take it as we are all downtrodden, myself included. As I said in Slaveship Mentality, “WE ARE ALL IN THE SAME BOAT!” And that can be disheartening when you live your life for the betterment of your people. At times, I wish I was a quitter, but I am not. Especially when I see a beautiful, black baby girl with nothing but joy and possibilities in their eyes. These kids are what keep me pushing. A lot of you old folks are so far gone that, I don’t even try with you. You’re stuck in your ways and even if your ways are bad, you don’t care, they’re you ways.