I can’t tell who’s who!

In Knowledge, Truth, Wisdom by Cliff Green

Is there a code between people who are in the up community? By up community, I mean the people in the know. The people who are aware of the things that are going on in their communities and around the world. Because if there is a code, I need to know it! Because I can’t tell who is who!

I live in the District of Columbia. A city labeled as Chocolate City due to the high population of black people living here. Being that there is a lot of black people around I figured that I would run into socially aware people all of the time, but that hasn’t been the case. I love to be around and converse with “conscious” people. But where are they? I know they are out there. Because I have met some up people in the blogosphere. But on my day-to-day journey, it feels like I am on this boat all by myself.

Being the philosopher that I am, I have a legitimate theory as to why it is hard to meet good people. A lot of people even the socially aware people are caught up in the illusion that the media has portrayed every black person as being bad. We are so caught up that we tend not to trust or show love to anyone that we do not know because they could be the next suspect in our minds. I know this to be true because I have fallen for the trap as well.

I’ll give an example of how the media has persuaded us all to think this way. Say for instance, I (the same guy who wants the best for everybody, Clifford Green) am walking down the street behind you but you don’t know me or what I am about, you knowing that, I, a black man is behind you, would have you feeling at dis ease! You wouldn’t be sure if I was just walking or out to get you in some shape or form. Even though its me behind you and I don’t mean you any harm, but since everybody black (I am hip to Moorish Science, I use black to meet the people at were they are at) is evil, bad and nasty as portrayed by the news, you don’t trust me. And this goes on and on for all of your encounters of black people who cross your path on the street who are really just minding their own business and trying to be the best that they can be, but to you and everybody else who has sipped the kool-aid the media has poured out for decades, we are all evil and bad people.

I am not saying that these thoughts constantly fill your mind, but they do cross it. I am trying to get us to see who imprinted that thought on us in the first place. This psychological bondage is what we battle. It doesn’t just affect black people it affects how every other race views us as well. It affects their minds even harder than it does ours, being that most of their knowledge of us is through TV. I know that just from having conversations with white men (again I am hip to Moorish Science). Sometimes I just think to myself, like damn he really believes everything he sees on TV. It is time for us as a whole to wake up from this slumber/ trance that the idiot box (TV) has us stuck in. Judge every man on the content of his character, not some made up belief that was imposed on you.

As I stated in The Sidewalk Law, as I walk through the streets I look at every man or woman who I pass in the eye, followed by a head nod or a simple hello and if it is not reciprocated then I know that we don’t share in the knowledge of the same code. Does anyone other than Jay-Z have the keys to the code that I am missing here? If so, let me know in the comment section below.