Proverbs 31

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Talk about setting high goals and having ambition. Proverbs 31 speaks on everything I aim to become! The first half of the chapter speaks on the actions and behaviors of a King. The second half speaks on a wife (Queen) …


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That gut feeling that you have deep inside of you telling you to go that way, is right. Listen to it and go that way. Every time I’ve done the opposite, it has always and I mean ALWAYS been the …

Random Health Tip: Magnesium Oil

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Just a few health benefits of magnesium oil are: better sleep, improved skin, stress and joint pain relief, and it boost energy. That is just a small list of magnesium oil’s benefits. For in-depth information on magnesium oil, click this link. …

Wisdom comes with age

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My mans Rob was just clowning me about writing two, three, maybe four sentence post. He’s right, but some times trying to save the world is draining. On Kendrick Lamar’s CD “To Pimp a Butterfly” he was interviewing Pac. The whole …

Sorry Folks

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Nothing to report this week. I just came back from Costa Rica and my mind is in another place. Just know that us Americans have life backwards.

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Get Outta Here!

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I swear they don’t see what’s coming. As a matter of fact, I know they don’t see what’s coming. If they did, their attitudes and demeanor would change. Instead, all I see is a bunch of zombies walking around aimlessly. …

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No Distractions

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These companies are out of their minds with the way they keep inflating the price on everything. I say that because I no longer have the internet in my home. I cut it off because Comcrash raised the bill exorbitantly. And …