The Solutions

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I’ve come to the realization, that people don’t really want it. It’s easier to cry about the situation than to actually do something about it. It’s so clear to see now. You can have all of the solutions. You can …

I Need Moor Money

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How much money is enough money? In today’s world, can you ever have enough money? What dollar amount would make you feel comfortable? Do you really find comfort in having money? At times, I feel like being at the bottom …


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It’s hard for me to get my point across Plus my parents taught me not to point at people Until I fix me Imma quit trying to fix you I bid you all adieu Farewell

Business is Business

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F it. I’ll be the bad guy. Imma go on the whim and say that “black” people DO NOT know how to conduct business. Of course, not every black owned and operated business moves as such, but for the most …

Instruments are Instrumental

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Where have all the instruments gone? Do schools still have a music class where they teach the students how to play an instrument? Or how to read actual music and not this cRap music that has polluted our minds. When …

I Do (Choose You)

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Marriage could have an array of meanings based on age, ethnicity, religious/belief and worldly ideas. One can go to five different countries/cultures and get five different views on marriage. I can only speak on my environment and to what I …

Silly Parents

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Are toys played out? Do kids still have imaginations? I think they do but the ignorance of today’s parents is astounding. Parents are literally killing their children’s imaginations, brain cells and eyes. I wrote it before and I will say …

It’s a new day

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The things that you have to go through in order to live around your own people are ridiculous. There is no sense of safety within the black community. It’s time for me to move. I hate that it has to …

I was called a Nigger the other day.

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Yup! You read the title right. I was called a Nigger the other day. I can’t make this stuff up. The crazy thing is, is that it didn’t even offend me. How small of a man must he have been …

Space Filler

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I don’t have anything to say this week. I’ll say this random nonsense just to feel in some space.

In Loving Memory of Toye Starver

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Cherish the ones that you have, while you still have them. To my cousin Toye Starver, you’re gone but not forgotten! We will always love you and cherish you! Requiescat in Pace!!!

Valentine’s Day

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How come we wait for certain days of the year, for us to show our loved ones that they’re really loved ones?