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In Health & Fitness, Knowledge, Motivation, Truth, Wisdom by Cliff Green

Throughout all of the religious and spiritual text, the human body has been ordained as man’s temple. The word temple can be broken down into two words. Temp and El (le). Temp is the abbreviated version of the word temporary. Temporary …

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I was slacking! -_-

In Motivation, Truth, Wisdom by Cliff Green

I always stress the importance of writing, but today I did not take my own advice to heart. I had a powerful conversation earlier today but I didn’t write it down. Now it is gone with the wind and I …


In Inspiration, Knowledge, Motivation, Wisdom by Cliff Green

I usually acknowledge people who cross my path in the street but I have received so many non replies that it was starting to get to me! The times when someone does say hello and smiles at me first throws …

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Look Ahead

In Inspiration, Knowledge, Motivation, Truth, Wisdom by Rob Franklin

I was watching the animal planet channel a few days ago and it’s amazing how animals operate on a daily basis. Each animal’s existence stems from the ability to balance the output and make decisions predicated on factors in the …

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In Inspiration, Knowledge, Motivation by Cliff Green

There is no way around it, you must struggle in order to become successful. I have noticed that a lot of people think that spending the money that they don’t have to look like the person they’re not, is faking …

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Bon Voyage

In Inspiration, Motivation by Cliff Green

I am catching a flight in a few. I don’t have time to post a story today, but some interesting things did happen to me while on my journey. I’ll post the happenings in the near future. Until then, Bon …

I Love You

In Inspiration, Motivation by Rob Franklin

Yeah, I love my wife. I love my family and friends too. I love them so much that I would do anything for them in their time of need or at least almost, lol. So, I established that I love …