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Girl I’m the Man!

In Poetry by Cliff GreenLeave a Comment

Express Do I mean your clothes Or your feelings Haa your clothes Take ‘em off I need sexual healings Oops I said I That’s how you can tell that I’m selfish It’s never you Never we Never us Only me …

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The American Flag

In Poetry, POWERgraph by Cliff Green8 Comments

Blue and Red killing for sets That they don’t even own White come through Kick you outta ya home Then poem I don’t mean a rhyme scheme Po’ ’em A drink Dilute their minds So they can’t even think That’s …

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American Dreamin’

In Poetry, Truth by Cliff Green6 Comments

To all my fallen soldiers That didn’t make it to 25 Didn’t even make it to 21 I wish you were alive Why’d he have to use a gun What happened to fist fights Take a L Come back the …