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Checkers or Chess?

In POWERgraph by Cliff Green5 Comments

The people who are running this world are playing chess, while most of us are still out here playing CHECKERS. All you have to do is watch a video of us on Facebook or YouTube and you will see that …

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The American Flag

In Poetry, POWERgraph by Cliff Green8 Comments

Blue and Red killing for sets That they don’t even own White come through Kick you outta ya home Then poem I don’t mean a rhyme scheme Po’ ’em A drink Dilute their minds So they can’t even think That’s …

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Dig Deep

In Inspiration, POWERgraph by Cliff GreenLeave a Comment

Sometimes you have to dig deep down from within your soul to keep moving forward. Everybody falls and gets discouraged at times. When you fall please never take it as a failure; take it more as a learning experience. All …

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Do It Yourself (DIY)

In Motivation, POWERgraph, Truth by Cliff Green4 Comments

When you have high expectations of yourself, you sometimes place your expectations of yourself onto other people. And when they don’t meet them expectations, you feel as though they have let you down. But in reality you have let yourself …