What would you have done?

In Truth by Cliff Green7 Comments

Alright! Earlier today as I was walking home on a side street that leads directly to my house, I approached a house with a dog in the yard. The dog didn’t have a leash on. The yard doesn’t have a …

They will never know

In Community, Knowledge, Truth, Wisdom by Cliff Green11 Comments

They will never know what life is like without cell phones. They will never know what it feels like to be a completely free human being. They will never know how to truly imagine. They will never know true friendship. …

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Seek value in them! Real friends will be with you through the thick and thin. Friends are more valuable the choice gold or silver. If you have friends make sure that you cherish them.

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Baby Momma Drama

In Image, Knowledge, Truth by Rob Franklin0 Comments

Mother’s Day is coming up in a few days. It’s one of the most cherished and joyous of holidays for most. I think we all look forward to spending this valued time with our mothers. However, there’s a caveat to …

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Get Outta Here!

In Community, Knowledge, Truth by Cliff Green4 Comments

I swear they don’t see what’s coming. As a matter of fact, I know they don’t see what’s coming. If they did, their attitudes and demeanor would change. Instead, all I see is a bunch of zombies walking around aimlessly. …

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No Distractions

In Knowledge, Truth by Cliff Green2 Comments

These companies are out of their minds with the way they keep inflating the price on everything. I say that because I no longer have the internet in my home. I cut it off because Comcrash raised the bill exorbitantly. And …

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In Truth by Cliff Green0 Comments

Men and women balance each other out. I was out with my friend a couple of days ago, shopping for gifts for my boy’s kids. She suggested that I get gift bags. I’m like what the heck is a gift …

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Do you swallow?

In Knowledge, Truth by Cliff Green11 Comments

Do you swallow? I realize that a lot of people don’t know about the dangers of chemicals in their products, especially the chemical known as fluoride. Fluoride is in every major brand’s toothpaste. It is also in our tap water. You …