Stay away from them folks!

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You shouldn’t listen to the naysayers. You know who they are. You know them folks with the small minds. Them folks who you can tell a great idea and all they ever do is come up with reasons as to …

Bald head little girl

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“You bald head little girl! You’re so F’n bad! I should slap the s**t out of you!” That’s what I heard a lady tell her daughter as I sat there and waited to check out, at the grocery store. “Eww …

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To whom much is given!

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With the weight of the world on my shoulder That’s why they call me “Hova” I’m far from being God But I work goddamn hard – Jay Z I heard that I’m not responsible for the world twice in 24 …

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Wisdom comes with age

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On Kendrick Lamar’s CD “To Pimp a Butterfly” he was interviewing Pac. The whole concept was pure genius. Hats off to Kendrick for being this creative. There is one part of the interview that I resonated with me. I would like …

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cRAP Music

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Rap music is so contradicting. In one verse the rapper will rap about how he lost a couple of his homies to the streets. Then he will turn around and glorify the streets in the very next verse. When will …

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What would you have done, dog?

In Truth by Cliff Green7 Comments

Alright! Earlier today as I was walking home on a side street that leads directly to my house. I approached a house with a dog in the yard. The dog didn’t have a leash on. The yard doesn’t have a …