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Simple Things

In POWERgraph, Wisdom by Cliff Green2 Comments

I humbled myself for once. A few hours later a super blessing came into my life. It’s crazy how the simple things yield the biggest results. Try it one day! See what happens.

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Wisdom comes with age

In Truth, Wisdom by Cliff Green5 Comments

On Kendrick Lamar’s CD “To Pimp a Butterfly” he was interviewing Pac. The whole concept was pure genius. Hats off to Kendrick for being this creative. There is one part of the interview that I resonated with me. I would like …

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cRAP Music

In Community, Truth, Wisdom by Cliff Green20 Comments

Rap music is so contradicting. In one verse the rapper will rap about how he lost a couple of his homies to the streets. Then he will turn around and glorify the streets in the very next verse. When will …