Change your routine up sometimes.

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A couple of years back my uncle told me to change-up my everyday routine by hopping out of bed on the other side of what I usually do. The next morning I took his advice, changed up my routine and was offered a job later that day. I chose to try something different and it worked.

We should continually strive to break up/ change the monotonous habits that we have. A lot of our habits keep us stuck in a cycle in which we will never grow from. If the purpose of life is to be the best us that we can be, the best us has endless possibilities if we’re willing to explore them. We can only explore them by not being scared of change.

It all starts with something so simple. Give it a try tomorrow morning when you wake up, hop out of bed on the other side. Do something to break a habit of yours. Just to throw another simple example out there: try brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand. Do something out of your ordinary. Change it up and see where it takes you!


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