Checkers or Chess?

Checkers or Chess?

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The people who are running this world are playing chess, while most of us are still out here playing CHECKERS. All you have to do is watch a video of us on Facebook or YouTube and you will see that we are still JUMPING each other!

Checkers or Chess? You choose!

THINK about it!


  1. if i bring a chessmaster up here and i ask him, “what are the principles by which i can become a master of this game of chess?” he’ll say these four things:

    1. he’ll say that “you need a sense of patience.” alright? if you don’t have patience, don’t even try to begin the game- to learn.

    2. he’ll say, “you need a sense of timing. if you don’t have a sense of timing, don’t open the book.”

    3. you have to have knowledge of your opponent. alright?

    4. and then the fourth one they’ll tell you is that you have to be willing to make any and all sacrifices.

    now, ladies and gentlemen, why are the dark side winning the game?

    1. it’s ‘cause they got infinite patience. they’ve been workin’ on one thing for 50,000 years. i call that patience.

    2. they got a brilliant sense of timing, ‘cause they know all about astrology and the divination that we’ve forgotten, that our agricultural ancestors all knew about. “well, we’re with the julian calendar and we’re not interested in any of that stuff anymore.” we’re slaves of the watch, but we don’t know about the higher timing, to rule our own lives by.

    3. they have amazing knowledge of you. right? they have intense knowledge of us, their enemies.

    4. and the fourth one is the clincher, isn’t it? ‘cause they’re willing to make any and all sacrifices when and wherever they need to do it.

    (From “Esoteric Agenda”)

    1. Author

      Brother Daniel, thank you for commenting. I agree with every last point that you posted. I’ve been telling people for the longest the very same thing. It’s good to know that you are out here spreading truth, wisdom and knowledge. Much love to you brother!

  2. Checkers or chess. Strategic moves to position yourself for the future or react now.?? Think what’s more beneficial?? Thanks for the read.

    1. Author

      Make the best decision now for a better and brighter future! That’s the key! GO HARD or DIE EASY!

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