Debate these!

In Truth by Cliff Green

I really dislike how the so-called “conscious” community operates. All I see is a bunch of men debating over whose knowledge is right or wrong. If there was ever a time to build with one another instead of tear each other down, now would be it. The time spent and money collected on the millions of debates, could be used on building schools or recreational centers within the community. And while the schools are being built; every “conscious” scholar should write a curriculum that can be taught at the school. Instead they spend their time prepping for the next debate.

That is just an idea. But if you’re too into yourself and your ego is so big that you can’t see any truth in that, then so be it. Keep bickering with one another on tape, while we continue to die in these streets. Because while you’ll are arguing, there are people out here building companies and corporations with intentions on taking over the world. And that is not up for debate!