Devil get behind me!

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The adversary, devil, negative energy or whatever it may be will always try to find a way to make things harder than what they have to be. For instance, I am posting this from my phone right now, because right before I was about to start writing, all of the power went out in the condominium due to a lightning strike. I initially thought that the power went out because it was God telling me to rethink what I was contemplating to do, in which would have yielded negative results. I’m to ashamed to even mention what that thought was. But everything else came back on except the Wi-Fi (-_-).

This adversary is always trying to knock us down a step; why does it seem as though when you accomplish something there has to be something else that goes wrong or another obstacle pops up out of no where?

I somewhat know the answer to my own question. I know that we wouldn’t learn much without obstacles. Obstacles and challenges are here for us to grow and learn from. Another answer to that question could simply be, balance. We need balance in our lives or else the scale would tilt and fall over sooner or later. 

My most recent success was followed up just as planned by an obstacle right after. I have accomplished a major goal. One that will become a future story. Not only for its motivational purpose, but there is some humor that came from it. As I accomplished this goal I was immediately faced with another obstacle. For the past week this site has been moving exxxxxtra slow. I’m no computer coder and I am in no way the most IT savvy guy in the room. So the site needs work and I know it hasn’t always been the fastest but here lately, it’s been ridiculous.

I am trying to learn the lesson without going through the hassle. Soon that negative energy will be a thing of the past as I learn to master myself. So Devil, please get behind me.

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