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Do I Look Like a Clifford Green?

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Next time someone wants to diminish or downgrade all of the atrocities that has happened to you and your ancestors, ask them one simple question; Do I look like a (Insert Your Full Name)?

I could go deeper into the meaning of this question, but the profoundness of it should have you wondering why it would even need to be asked. If you understand let me know in the comment box. If you don’t understand let me know in the comment box as well.

Peace and much love to you!


  1. Haahhha I love it! Short and to the point. I’m definitely a _________________ trapped in a Kelley body.

  2. Can you please go deeper? This question seems like a rhetorical question. Thanks

    1. Author

      Hey J’Taime thank you for asking that question. People tend to want to tell black people to get over slavery as if it has no effect on the way we live, think and act today. Names especially last names, denote ownership. Most of our names along with our religions were forced upon us. There is so much psychological trauma that we have yet to heal from. Also the names that we used to give our children would be in preparation to what that child would be and do when they grew up. Calling me Clifford Green even though that is the name I was given from my parents would be calling me a Caucasian man, Your name was part of your divineness.

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