Do It Yourself (DIY)

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When you have high expectations of yourself, you sometimes place your expectations of yourself onto other people. And when they don’t meet them expectations, you feel as though they have let you down. But in reality you have let yourself down by expecting other people to do the things for you that you would do for them. You have to realize that person is that person and you are who you are. You may have a completely different outlook on life than them. Even though you know in your heart, mind and soul that your vision is clear and your path is straight, you still can’t expect for other people to see your vision as clearly as you do. Only thing that you can do to get the task done right is to Do It Yourself (DIY); with the hopes that one day those same people catch on and see the light (my momma taught me that). Until then, GO HARD OR DIE EASY!


  1. I swear it took me a long time to realize people are not me. GREAT CLIFF

    1. Author

      Thanks for commenting April. It definitely takes time to realize that most people won’t have your back like you will have your own back.

  2. Great message Mr. Green. I’ll leave it at that… Nothing else needs to be said.

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