What would you have done, dog?

In Truth by Cliff Green7 Comments

Alright! Earlier today as I was walking home on a side street that leads directly to my house. I approached a house with a dog in the yard. The dog didn’t have a leash on. The yard doesn’t have a fence on the side that I would have been walking pass. So I immediately turned left onto the connecting street.

A man sitting in his car rolled down his window as I walked pass. He asked me if I made the left because I saw the dog in the yard. I told him that I did. And that the dog didn’t look like it had a leash on. He told me that the dog (Diesel), a pit bull by the way, didn’t bite and that I would’ve been cool to walk by it. I’m like I don’t know about that my dude, that thing is huge. He laughed and I laughed then kept it moving.

As I continued to walk down the street while keeping my eye on the dog. I noticed that the dog paced left then paced right. Then all of sudden he ran around the fence in my direction. So I ran and jumped on the car that was closest to me. The car happened to be the owner’s of the dog. In the midst of me jumping on the car I put a dent on the roof of the car. The dog runs down the street and the lady chases after him. She came back and she’s heated that there is a dent in her car.

She irately tells me that the dog doesn’t bite and that she just got the car. But I told her that I don’t know hat dog and whether or not if it bites.

I also told her that I understood and I actually tried to reason with her. My initial reaction was to pay for the damage. So I gave her my name and phone number. But as I conferred with other people, they all reasoned with me that the damage wasn’t my fault and that it was hers. She should have had her dog on a leash. Or trained the dog not to leave the yard. Plus when I walked away I am not sure if I heard her say something about having me beat up, but when I turned around and said, “Huh!” she was already in the house.

My boy brought it to my attention that the whole situation would have been different if I was a Caucasian man. She would’ve more than likely apologized to me and showed humility. Instead she popped off at me since I am black. She showed more sympathy for an inanimate object over another human’s well-being. The dent in the car can easily be fixed. Scars to the flesh don’t heal as well.

My question to you is: Was I wrong? What would you have done in that situation?


  1. If a pit bull was coming after me I would have run. Don’t know if I could have gotten on top of a car but I probably would have tried real hard. Sorry bout the dent. The woman’s dog should have been chained or fenced in. Her fault. Her bill. Whether she acted the way she did because you are Black is unknowable unless you can get inside her head. And is beside the point. She should have apologized to you and begged you not to turn her in for endangering your life!! Who says pit bulls don’t bite?!

    1. Author

      Hey Ms. Elva thanks for the comment! I don’t know how to word this right. I am not saying she acted like that BECAUSE I am black. I am saying if I was a Caucasian male she would’ve did as you said and apologized. You’re right that there is no way to tell for sure, but the majority of black people have a Caucasian superiority/ god complex thing going on. They’ll act one way around you and I and soon as a Caucasian steps in the room they’ll act completely different. So called gangsters will act tough towards me but let a Caucasian man walk by, they’ll greet him with a pleasant “Hello SIR!”
      “Her fault. Her bill.” I couldn’t agree with you more.
      I’m laughing because it sounds silly to even mention to someone that a pit bull doesn’t bite. Yeah, ok! If you say so. But I won’t be the one to find out. LOL!

  2. Hey Cliff: That man in the car and the dog’s owner both are baloney. Any dog with teeth could potentially bite, especially if it’s a stranger. Where I live is a law (a law that many people violate by the way) that requires all dog owners to keep their pets leashed or in a fence on their property. You can be fined $100 for the first offense and $500 for each subsequent offense. I know cops have more important things to worry about than an escaped dog. But, I think that is important too. There’s probably a similar statute where you live too. Maybe that dog ran out just to merely play with you, but you didn’t know its intention. The damage occurred as a result of you trying to keep yourself safe. If he had been leashed, it never would have happened. I suspect that your state or county law requires dogs to be leashed. So, don’t pay for the damage. If she contacts you, tell here after contemplating it, you decide you were not egregious or malicious in the damage you caused and you don’t feel you should pay. Don’t argue or fight with her. If it ends up in small claims court, so be it. But I think you don’t want to pay unless the court says you have to. That’s what I would do. If anything, agree to split the damage with the owner, but you definitely should not pay for the whole thing.

    1. Author

      I live in D.C. as well brother! So it’s probably the same statute. I agree with you though. Was I just suppose to find out if the dog bites or not. I think not! Lol

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