Don’t believe the hype!

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Quit believing what you see on TV about black men. They hype up the worst of the worst to broadcast across your TV screen. I mean who am I kidding? We do have some scumbags (all races do) but quit portraying it as if they make up the majority. I have a group of 9 men and weΒ are all doing our damn thing, but we never get the limelight of news cameras flashing in our faces. All of us have the world in the palm of our hands and we plan on taking it back. So please don’t believe the hype!


  1. How about believing what Black men upload to WSHH and livestream on Facebook?

  2. Good points bro! America has an addiction to black deviance. No matter how many times we break down the facts, people NEED to believe otherwise. This is the case for at least two reasons. First, there is too much money riding on this – the corrections industry is one of the biggest employers in the country. Second, it gives the world meaning. The connection between black men and crime is easy – it “makes sense” – and it is the perfect justification for continuing to deny us freedom.

    Glad to hear you and your friends are doing your thing!

    1. Author

      Brother I have to be able to pick your brain one day. You really have extensive knowledge on a vast amount of subjects. I am in th eprocess of catching up on all of your writings. And if anybody reads comments like I do, make sure you click on Darryl’s name to be directed to his site. The two reasons you listed make perfect sense. We’re the world’s scapegoat.
      Thaks for the love as well. We’re going to have a blogger meet up one day soon. Look out for the invite.

    2. Other way around, Black America has an addiction to White deviance, and spends all of its time trying to find the slightest molehill (and will invent them where non-extant) to turn into vast peaks.

  3. A little late with my post but I guess it’s better late than never. Despite what we see on the daily news or our community being paraded for political banter, I know a few different groups of young men that are proactively changing the community. Recently, I read an article about an event that was held a few weeks ago where a group of black men spoke to younger black men about pain, healing, and forgiveness. As we all know, in today’s society black men are not encouraged to talk about their feelings. This particular summit covered all those grounds and encouraged the young men to discuss their social traumas and feelings. The event turned out great and there are plenty of other positive events like this that are not aired and do not get much publicity. ?Keep doing what your doing and hopefully your group can get some things in the works which will display each one of your gifts. Great article Cliff!

    1. Author

      Thank you for tuning in J’Taime. You’re right there are definitely plenty of groups doing positive things in our communities. This may be the same one you’re talking about but my boys had a black excellence summit in Pittsburgh not too long ago.
      Feelings? What’s that. I’m way to hard/tough to have those. Every black male must be a gangster. That thought process was imposed on us and we ran with it. It’s time to change that way of thinking if we are ever to move forward. Gangsters don’t build they tear down. And it’s building season. We have some things in the works that will bring light to our past, present and future greatness. Thanks again for stopping by!

  4. You know what would be dope? If all of you and your 9 great black brothers got together and created your own show. Even if it was on YouTube lol. I would watttttttttch oh yes I would. Its not impossible to do either. No excuses Cliff – get to work!

        1. Author

          It’s time to pull our resources in order to make something go from small to humongous (I just wanted to use that word lol). But that’s how it haves to happen. I was about to tell the plan but i can’t put everything out there. You know them people watching looking for any way in to tear us down.

    1. Author

      LOL true! I definitely don’t do excuses. Buuuuuuuuuuut we all live in different states. And I am constantly moving. I barely have time to blog. Once I turn into a complete entrepreneur it will be in the making! My boys and I have some ideas in mind though. So something will be coming πŸ˜‰

  5. Why would they do that? American needs us to be feared for commerce sake. Awwww yes the black man, USA guinea pig. Smdh.

  6. Noted: I do agree. Black men. And men of other races do look crazy on TV. There are some powerful groundbreaking men who are out here setting the standard for our culture. Great Post!

    1. Author

      There definitely are some incredible men out here doing positive things. The media seems to only highlight all of the negative. Thanks love for tuning in!

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