What if?

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They Bible says, “The faith of mustard seed” right? I won’t quote the exact verse, but if you’re a so-called Christian you should be able to look it up. That verse has nothing to do with religion but everything to do with self. People, myself included, some times don’t believe in the power that we have. We have big dreams and ideas but hesitate to accomplish them. A dream without action is good sleep. The hesitation comes from the fear of the “what if”.

What if it doesn’t work. What if my idea is impossible. What if I can’t do it? What if people don’t like it?

I am here to say, “Who cares?” There are plenty of people out there waiting on you to do what you were meant to do. They need you to do it, in order for them to do what they dreamed of doing. I’ve learned that if I think or thought about it, it is possible. I can do it if I think I can. Everything in this life comes from my thoughts. My “what ifs” are limitless.

I think big and imagine even bigger. There are no boundaries. Don’t let anything or anyone bind you from being you. A little faith in self goes a long way.

What if you did put that thought into action? There is no way of knowing until you know. Wouldn’t you be madder at yourself for not doing it? I am talking to you.

What if?

Hey it’s better to know than to not too.

I ask myself “What if?” as I stare into the stars. I’m going for mine. How about you?


  1. Yea, this was perfect for me today. Due to some family issues I was walking and questioning the sky about where my faith should rest. I get home and YouTube some gospel music, and I get a song I have never heard before “Where is your faith in God?”. Well, after giving it some thought, I realized that for me faith is something I use to hang on to my sanity. Cause “what if?”. I had to change that mindset. So, for the last week I have chosen to work on myself. To use that faith not to hold back fear but to proceed with the venture I have started (the book I’ve written, the marketing, the articles I need to write). That little mustard seed is supposed to grow into a many branched tree eventually.

    1. Author

      Wow! I’m glad this post had a positive effect on you! I hope all is well with you and your family! I believe the seed will grow. Sometimes it doesn’t grow as fast as we would like and it gets frustrating, but we shouldn’t let it deter us from what we originally started out to accomplish. I think everything will happen when it is supposed to.
      Thanks for always stopping by and tuning. You are always appreciated.

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