duck walking

Duck Walking

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Not to boast nor brag, but I have the body and the physical abilities of a god. I am strong, fast plus agile. Now s let’s say this god body was actually a devil. A devil that loves to rob, steal, kill and hurt people. Let’s say you run into me, the devil, and on this particular night, I’m walking around the hood looking for my next “come up”. And here you go DUCK WALKING through a backstreet or alley because it’s quicker to get home. All of a sudden you feel a sharp swift wind blaze by your face; plus you hear a shot go off, so you know someone is coming at you. Your only option now, is to run, but you can’t take off because you were duck walking due to your pants sagging. Your pants were falling, you had one hand on your waist and the other swinging normally. You’re trying to run away but you get caught. I end up robbing you, severely injuring you or taking your life. Something that you may have gotten away from, if your pants weren’t in the way. Duck Walking turns you into a sitting duck.

Let’s make that hypothetical story a little more visible. Suppose that the devil in that story was Lebron James. Same guy, same build, same speed and strength, but he is not in the NBA. He’s that devil in the hood that chose a life of crime and violence. Now put Lebron in that first scenario. If your only option to get away was to run; do you think that you could out run him with your pants sagging? Most young men when I ask them this say something like, “Yeah! I would dip on him, especially if my life was on the line!” But let’s be realistic. Lebron James with a full range of motion versus you, running while pulling up your pants. I think, naw I know Lebron got you. I am as fast as they come, but I know that if I was sagging and I had to get away from Lebron, it would just be a rap. I’m dead.

Now let’s make those stories more realistic. What if you had to run from the cops? I’m not condoning running from the cops, nor should you have a reason to run from them, but what if you did? This story isn’t that farfetched, with the recent news of Michael Brown (R.I.P.) and all the other thousands of victims of police brutality. Why sag and put yourself at a disadvantage? By being a young black male, you are already a suspect in the eyes of the law. Sad, but harsh reality we face. Sagging your pants raises that suspicion to another level. For instance, if you did have to run from an officer and had to hop a fence, the probability of you escaping is dramatically reduced due to you having to hold your pants up.

There are ways in which I can understand why you might sag. Maybe it is your way of rebelling against society. I can dig that, but there are way better ways to do it. I prefer to rebel against the system by showing my intellect. By being healthy and not supporting their health care system. By spending my money wisely and not supporting the system with the purchasing of unnecessary material items. The list of intellectual ways to rebel against the system go on and on. Why rebel by following a fad that isn’t even fashionable? Following a fad that could get you thrown in jail and therefore supporting the same system you thought you were rebelling against. Which rebellion yields better results? Plus who are you really showing you’re draws too? If your grandma or grandpa were to see you, what would they think?

People say that sagging originated in jail. The inmates didn’t intentionally sag their pants but due to them not being allowed to have belts, for various reasons; such as: belts could be used as weapons or as a means to commit suicide. Being that the prison environment is a breeding ground for either of those scenarios to happen, this theory could hold weight. The other theory is that gay men in jail would sag to show that they were available. Both theories sound plausible, but to be honest no one knows where sagging really originated. What I do know is that it needs to cease to exist.

Whether you are duck walking down the street or duck walking in the mall, wherever you are at, it looks foolish. Wise men, do wise things. So lift up your pants young man and evolve from being a n***a, to a prince, from a prince to a KING!

Let’s do a survey. QUEENS, let the world know how you feel about people who sag in the comment section below.

I write this with love young kings to be, now become one!


    1. Stumbled past cops recently. A guy attempted to run from the cops but fell flat on his face when his pants ended up around his ankles.

    1. Author

      King Pete, that picture is absolutely hilarious and sad at the same time. It goes to show that you just cant make these stories up. I wonder how many of our men are in jail because they were sagging. Of course sagging isn’t the only reason but it definitely contributes. Would you have been wrong for laughing at dude diving face first? Only the strong survive and sagging is pretty weak! Peace King!

  1. Very nice… I never understood sagging of the jeans. It’s very ignorant to me

    1. Author

      Brotha Pierre, thanks for stopping by and showing some love. I also can’t rap my mind around it either. It is very ignorant, that’s why I strive to take them from a level of ignorance (not-knowing) to a level of wisdom and knowledge. The best thing to do is to lead by example. Peace King!

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