In Inspiration, Knowledge, Truth by Cliff Green

Let’s break down this word Ebola. I’m going to give it my own etymological break down. If you don’t know what etymology means. Look it up! I’m laughing but a lot of truth is said jokingly. A brief definition of the word etymology would be to study the origin of words in order to find their true or hidden meaning.

Ebola when you sound it out sounds something like E-Bowl-LIE. And that is exactly what it is, an Extra Bowl of LIES. If you continue to watch and listen to all this nonsense about Ebola, you will be eating an Extra Bowl of Lies (E-Bowl-LIE). In which you are being fed through the television (TELL LIES to your VISION). They continue to fill your mind with lies and deception in order to put you in a constant state of fear.  When you are always scared and worried, you will do anything for protection. The powers that control this mass media attack on you mind and soul know that. Therefore they drown your mind with nothing but negativity. You eat, sleep and dream about negative things. You wake up to a breakfast serving of lies.

Once they have that fear deeply rooted in your heart, mind and soul that’s when they bring the solution to you. Unbeknownst to you, this solution is going to take away all of your freedoms. Let’s take the “incident” of 911. After the media bombardment of terrorists’ attacks that were to happen in the coming future, what happened? TSA stripping you naked at the airport is what happened. Every last phone call and text message has been recorded and saved in a mass database is what happened. Cameras on every corner watching your every movement is what happened. The military has bigger and better weapons BUT they’re not just overseas they are in your town. They are testing this military state right now in Ferguson, Missouri.

What happened to Anthrax, West Nile, H1N1, Swine Flu, Mad Cow Disease, SARS, etcetera, etcetera? When they saw that the fear level wasn’t high enough they got to the drawing board and worked on their next big project. The powers that be put these things in your way in order to deter you from focusing on the one thing that matters the most, which is yourself!

Their goal is to distract you from returning back to self. Case in point: recently a female friend of mine told me that she will not handle customers at her job that are from Africa, due to this whole Ebola “outbreak”. From that statement, I knew that she has been eating these lies up. They are going to continue to feed you these lies in order to deter you from wanting anything to do with Africa. What they don’t tell you is that Africa has some of the most beautiful people and beautiful land masses on earth. Africa also has the most natural resources on the planet.

Have you ever questioned why the media always and I do mean always portray Africa as bad? They tried to say that AIDS came from Africa but it was an Extra Bowl of Lies. And now they are trying to say Ebola started in Africa but it is an Extra Bowl of Lies. If you do just a little bit of research, you will find that both of these diseases are man-made and engineered to annihilate Africans and people of color across the globe.

Nothing in America would work without a particular metal that comes from Africa: your phone, TV, laptops and a bunch of other technologies. America/ Capitalism itself wouldn’t be what it is today without the biggest resource to date which was and still is African labor, hence the slave trade.

Let’s look deeper into this distraction. Besides all the viruses, germs and diseases they say you can catch, they also attack your mind in the name of “terror”. The new “terrorist” group they now throw in your face is called ISIS. Why did they use the name ISIS? Isis is the Greek translation of a Khemetic (Egyptian) Goddess. Yes, a black goddess. Her Khemetic/ Egyptian name is Auset. Her husband’s name is Ausar (Osiris by the Greeks). They used the name ISIS because the powers that be know that the Willie Lynch chip is slowly but surely being edged out of our brains, so they are running frantic trying to scare you from everything that is you. And you are Gods and Goddesses, Kings and Queens!

We are returning back into becoming the Gods and Goddesses that the Most High has put us here to be. You can see it with the return of black women starting to wear their God-given hair. They are becoming an Isis (Auset).The same goes with black males and wearing locks, they are becoming a Osiris (Ausar). This is the beginning stages of embracing and loving our true selves.

This system is run off of ignorance. The controllers know that people who are no longer ignorant and have returned to their godly state, cannot be controlled by nor will they support a wicked system. That’s why they feed you an Extra Bowl of Lies (E-Bowl-Lie/ Ebola). But I love truth and I’m going to keep pushing it. If you feel the same, pass this ARTicle on to a friend.

P.S. This is my call to EVERY one; if you want to break away from the lies and deception thrown at you daily, cut off and unplug the TV. Then, no longer will they be able to stop you from reaching your divinity!