Emotional Roller Coaster

In Truth, Wisdom by Cliff Green2 Comments

We have to learn how to control our emotions. We are way to emotional of a people. Emotions put you on a roller coaster ride through life. One minute we’re up and the next minute we’re down. Whether your emotions are stimulated by another person that you are in a relationship with or if they are stimulated by the random acts of violence being portrayed to you by the media; we have to find a way to take control over them. We have to move from being emotional people to being more of a logical thinking people.

Yes, we will never be able to get rid of our emotions because they are there for a reason. But if we want to take back control of our lives and destinies we have to put our emotions in check. The people who run the world do not move with emotions, they move with logic. Emotions won’t build a house. Emotions won’t build a corporation. Emotions don’t write laws. Emotions┬ádon’t build governments. If we want to get up, we need to use logic. If we want to stay down, we can keep using emotions.


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