No excuses!

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I really grew up in the hood. Not the glamorized hood, but the real hood. Back when Gangbanging was heavy! You couldn’t even walk across the street without someone asking you, “Where you from?” Life was gritty back then.

With all of the things that I saw and witnessed, I never let any of that deter me from doing what I always wanted to do, succeed! Instead of deterring me it gave me the fuel to go even harder at becoming something great in life.

I am working on destroying every excuse I have. And believe me, I have many. Growing up in the hood is one of the many.

I am working to reach new levels in life. Levels that were once thought to be impossible. It’s time to let all of my excuses go in order to fulfill this God-given destiny.

No excuses!


  1. We must GO HARD or we will DIE EASY! If you can make an excuse then you can make a way! See it through, til the end, ONE DAY AT A TIME! Blessings my brother!

    1. Author

      “If you can make an excuse then you can make a way!” This is so true! Go Hard or Die Easy! I appreciate you brother man!

  2. Great points Cliff. We love to make excuses. All the time. Let’s cut that out. Incidentally the beginning part of your commentary mirrors my entire blog post. Great minds think alike. 👍🏽

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