Eyes a free man, massa!

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About a month ago I wrote about accomplishing a goal that I would write a post about on a future date. I figured today is a better time than any talk about it due to the Birth of Nation premiering this past Friday. This movie will hopefully bring back the spirit of Nat Turner in which so many of our people lack. But back to the topic at hand, a few months ago I completely paid off my school loans. Hence the title of this post, “Eyes a Free Man, Massa!”

When it comes to loans you can have one big loan from one bank or you can have many from the same bank or many from several different banks. I had several (about ten) all from the same bank.

Over the past couple of years I had accumulated a large sum of money from grinding, hustling, sacrificing and keeping my eyes on the goal at hand. The amount of money that I accumulated was enough to pay off my loans in one full sweep, in which I was contemplating for months. Ask any of my friends I would not keep my mouth closed when it came to these loans. I felt like they were such a burden to have weighing on my back. Although I didn’t tell anybody about the amount of money I had (You know how people do, they would’ve been all in my pockets asking me for some.) I sure was asking everybody how they would pay off their loans if they had the money to do so. I would ask them if they would pay it all off at once. Would they just pay some off. Would they pay half off and let their money build back up. I got all kinds of answers from everybody.

I decided to pay off one or two loans at a time. When you pay off a school loan the provider sends you a letter in the mail congratulating you on how this account for this much has been paid in full. I paid off about seven loans in three maybe four months. When it came to the last three loans I was hesitating because I would essentially be giving away a lot of money. Plus it had been a month since I had paid off the last ones and the letter still hadn’t come in the mail. Even though it shows paid on the site I needed to have that tangible evidence for my own sake. This is when the epiphany struck me. Even though I had concluded years ago that school was set up to be modern-day slavery it, I didn’t see how close and really comparable it is to slavery my ancestors went through. Think about it. I WAS WAITING FOR MY PAPERS to show that eyes a free man. I needed that piece of paper to confirm my freedom.

I couldn’t do anything but laugh and frown at the same time. Besides all the serious stuff I write and talk about I still like to enjoy life, laugh and be goofy. I came up with the silly but hilarious idea of running up to white people and saying, “Look massa, eyes a free man! I got my papers! I got my papers!” I told a couple of my friends this and they laughed and told me that I’m a bonafied you know. But seriously I honestly think that would be hilarious. I really want to start doing that and putting it on video. Just to see the responses I get. It would probably offend a lot of people but so be it. I’m pretty sure my ancestors were offended everyday. So lighten up!

I wrote this to be funny but also to make any teenagers considering college to carefully consider all of their options. You do not and I repeat, you DO NOT want to start your life off in debt. And that is what college does. I will break down the game of college in a future post so that I don’t make this one too long. I know that sometimes it seems that I go to hard on people but I do it out of love. I want the best for everybody. I am really 25, Black and ALIVE in the complete sense of the word. I would like for you to get there as well. Because there isn’t anything better than being able to say, “EYES A FREE MAN!”