Family Equals Perfection

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What is this dude talking about? My family is dysfunctional as hell! That’s probably what the title of this post made you think. But whose family isn’t dysfunctional. I know damn well that mine is. Read on and hopefully the title will make a little more sense after you read this short story.

One day my boy, Rob, his father and I were out hooping, playing five on five. It’s scorching hot outside, there are no trees for shade and there is a clear sky without a cloud insight. So the sun is beaming full force on everybody. I’m guarding Rob while his dad is bringing the ball up the court. I look at his dad then look back at him, then it hits me, they look exactly alike. The revelation was so simple that all I could do was laugh.

Ok so in the Bible it says that we are created in the image and likeliness of God. In being created in his image, we were given the ability and responsibility to create as well. When a man and a woman create a child, they will create this child in their own image and likeliness. Since Rob’s father created him in his image; that also means that Rob’s father’s father created him in his own image as well. Now think about how far back that goes. It goes back to the beginning of time or of man’s creation. If the original man portrayed the image of God onto his kid and his kid portrayed it onto their kids and so on, this would only mean that the kids of today would be made in the image of God. And the image of God is perfection.

Most people look very similar to one or both of their parents. Whether or not the parents are portraying the image of God is on them. As a parent you are your child’s god. No child is born with a Bible, Quran or the Metu Neter ingrained in their hands. You are the only person your child looks to each and every day to provide food, clothes and shelter for him or her. When kids cry and are upset, they look to their parents for all of the answers.

To the ladies with baby fathers that they just can’t stand, I’m sorry that you are in that situation, but you have to do everything possible to keep that child’s father in their life. That also goes in reverse to the men with baby mothers. Having a father in the house or a father figure around really will make a significant difference in your child’s life. Looking back at my life, I thank God that I was blessed enough to grow up with my dad in the household. It gave me the chance to see how a man should and shouldn’t interact with a woman. I also got to see his accomplishments along with his failures. There are also things that my dad taught me that my mom just wouldn’t have been able to. Plus boys tend to fear a man more than a women, making the father figure more of a disciplinary/ authoritative figure to him.

My definition of family is a unit made up of a man, woman and children living in accordance with each other. We all carry within us every last strand of DNA passed down through our ancestry from the beginning of time, but something has happened to our family structure and way of life that made us forget this knowledge and stop practicing our culture of close-knit families. When the family structure is strong, years and years of knowledge and wisdom will be passed down through every generation. Therefore making the next generation stronger than the last.

Let’s work on rebuilding our family structures and in doing so we can bring this world back into its perfect state.

Let me know of some ways in which we can rebuild our family structures by leaving a comment below. Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you!


  1. Great post, Cliff!

    I suggest to any dad that if the mother isn’t a good role model, it’s up to the him to expose his child(ren) to and let them consistently engage with positive, strong women. Same goes for the mother if the father is useless. Even adults can never have too many positive influences, role models of love supplies of both genders.

    Another issue is letting a wedge form between you and a relative because of someone else’s beef. My relationship with my aunt is a totally different relationship than she has with my mom, right? So even if they don’t get along (for personal reasons), I should freely be able to communicate with my aunt AND mom without having to “pick a side”. And not feel guilty about it or catch any heat. I see that too much.

    1. Author

      Yea that picking a side thing is tricky and it puts you in a weird situation. Like look here I don’t have beef with either of you. So I’m going to chill with/ talk to who I want too.
      And I completely agree with your first statement. Keep the child(ren) around positive role models at all times.
      Thanks for tuning in Kelley! I appreciate you!

  2. Very important message here Cliff!
    I think it was Big Krit that said: “Apples fall off of trees and roll down hills.” And that is so true, some of us spread our seed everywhere—-having no idea that some of these seeds have taken root—And once again, we have a child who doesn’t know his family.
    On a personal note, when my son’s father and I separated, we were commited to getting along -for my son’s sake! He was the priority! And guess what? We raised a fine young man.
    You are wise beyond your years so clearly your folks did a magnificent job 🙂

    1. Author

      Awww thank you Lady G for the compliment. *Blush face*
      I think that what you and your son’s father did after you’ll separation was perfect. Even if the feeling between the parents are bad they still should work together to raise the child as you’ll did. Like you said I’m sure that your son is a fine young man. Thanks for always showing love, love!

  3. Our family dysfunction goes back a long ways: Lies, alcohol problems, drugs, domestic violence, abandonment, and more. The result today is the limbs of our family tree are spread very far apart. Moms moved away and took the kids, dads left, went crazy, or became addicted. Brothers and sisters stopped speaking so our cousins in Texas have no idea they have cousins in Philly or Los Angeles. Beginning in 2015 I started posting old photos beginning with the early 1940s. I tagged each family member I could find on FB and posted one or two paragraphs on how the people in the photos were connected. I started with the Nana and Gramps generation and branched out from there. Some of my older relatives had articles in the local Black newspapers like my aunt Dot. So I posted the article with her picture and sent it out to Texas, and Philly and Spokane, etc. Gradually, most of are extended family have begun to get to know one another. I try and post good stuff, but sometime I find it necessary to post things about sadness like the time I posted (2017) about our cousin who got blown up in VietNam in the 1970s. Most of the younger family had never even heard of him. And they thanked me for the info. We all have a lot of horror stories and mis-information so being able to connect my family members with good and important memories has been very cathartic. I am currently taking online photos of family members and placing them on a Family Tree to distribute to each family unit. Whew!! There is one thing I have noticed: The 30-40 year olds in our family today have had better marriages and are spending more time with their kids activities and seem to be much less dysfunctional. They truly do not want to repeat what the generations before them went through. Wow. Sorry to be so long winded. And thanks for your post.

    1. Author

      No need to apologize. I don’t mind hearing yours or anybody else’s story. They need to be told. Even the sad parts. If we don’t tell them they may never be told. I’m glad you’re putting it all together for you and the family. The generations to come will appreciate it. Thanks for always dropping by Mrs. Elva! 🙂

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