Father Time

Father Time

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I’d like to give a shout out to Father Time

He waits on no man

I’d also like to give a shout out to Mother Nature

Because she’s where these people going to be

Sooner than they know it

For waiting on Father Time

“Never put off till tomorrow, what you can do today.” Procrastination can put you in a world of trouble. A lot of us procrastinate (myself included) and say things like I work better under pressure. Pressure at time does bring out the best in us. But a lot of time we put ourselves in unnecessarily tough situations. We wait until the day before the DEADline to try to accomplish the task at hand. If we were to be honest with ourselves we could and would accomplish so much more.

The reason we procrastinate is due to fear. I found this out one day while standing at the bus stop a while ago when I was still in college; this lady randomly started talking to me. She asked me what I was doing in life. I told her that I was in college and that I was headed there to get this paper done before I went to class. She said, “So you waited till the last-minute to work on the paper?” I told her the excuse that we all use, “Yeah, I do my best work at the last-minute!” I was serious. I thought that I was like some superman that could do anything when the pressure is on. But boy did that lady hit me with some wisdom that I would never forget. She told me that procrastination was a spirit of fear; and it really is.

We procrastinate to give ourselves a cop-out excuse. A lot of the papers that I had to write in college could’ve have been much better, if I would have put more time and energy in them. I was procrastinating because I was scared of failure. For example: Say I turn in the paper that I worked on at the last-minute and receive and bad grade on it. I now have an excuse as to why. I can tell myself that I didn’t do too well because I worked on it at the last-minute. But when I get the okay grade, I’ll keep telling myself, “See I’m pretty good at working under pressure.” But in all actuality you only did a mediocre job. The fear is of doing your best and not receiving the outcome you wanted to receive. But that shouldn’t be a fear that we hold onto. You will never know until you know. Then when you do know, it still isn’t a failure; it is a learning experience.

Most of the time when you put your all into something, you usually become successful at it. (Ladies I’m not speaking on that relationship that you thought should work out. Laughing! That’s another article for another day.) That is a universal law. You get out, what you put in. So work hard today and you will bear the fruits of your labor, today.

I pray that they use Father Time Wisely. I also pray that they eat the fruits of Mother Nature.

Go Hard or Die Easy!!!


    1. Author

      I appreciate that brotha! That lady hit me with that jewel and I have been working ever since to overcome that spirit of procrastination!

  1. Procrastination will lead to the death of your destination. Bravo Blackman!

    1. Author

      Thanks king! Let’s get the message to the people.

    1. Author

      Thanks king MOOReese! Let’s work. The truth won’t be hidden for to much longer.

  2. Great article bro and I would like to branch of is this. Since I know you are really into healthy lifestyle and fitness I am going to branch in the direction of living a healthy lifestyle. Procrastination often puts us in stressful situations in regards to meeting DEADlines. Anxiety can compromise our immune systems and open us to other infectious disease such as the flu, common colds, or even depression( especially when it comes to finances). We convince ourselves that procrastination makes us more competitive, but in reality we are tricking ourselves into thinking other things we need to do is more important. We need to learn to control ourselves and hold ourselves accountable and stop making excuses. Keep postin bro, love reading your articles.

    1. Author

      King Wolf, thanks for stopping by and dropping some much appreciated jewels. You took the post to an even deeper level of OVERstanding. In order to be completely healthy we do have to hold ourselves accountable for all of our actions and decisions. Self accountability is definitely the key to success in all areas of our lives. Know ThySELF! GO HARD OR DIE EASY!

  3. The growth within each article is really amazing cliff!!! I never thought of procrastination as fear but in truth that’s exactly what it is and like you said it’s a definite cop out. “The fear is of doing your best and not receiving the outcome you wanted” that sentence right there really stuck with me because it’s oh so true. This is the type of article that you read and no longer can look in the mirror and lie to yourself lol. So with that said let me stop procrastinating aka being scared and get back in the gym everyday!!! Ghode!!! GREAT read!!

    1. Author

      Word King! Never let fear hold you back from your greatness! GO HARD OR DIE EASY!!!

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