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This is for all the young people out there still trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives. I’m going to give you this game and pray that you take heed. Let’s say you’re 18 years old and fresh out of high school. Being that you are so young you may have only worked a couple of summer jobs or you may have even worked throughout the whole year. Either way it goes you’re still only 18 years old. More than like you haven’t really established anything, and by establish anything I mean, you haven’t really established any credit. And this is where the game begins.

Let’s say that you at 18 years old walk into the bank and sit down with an associate in hopes of getting a $100,000 loan in order to buy a small house and car. You even go to the bank with a well written plan that shows how clear your vision is. The associate will listen to your plan then politely deny your application for the loan on the basis of you not having established any credit. Now let’s say you, the same 18-year-old you, walks into the bank and asks the same associate for a $100,000 loan in order to go to college. She runs your credentials and sees that you still only work that small summer job and that you still haven’t built any credit, but she comes back and approves you for the loan.

Huh! That should smell fishy to you! Why would you be able to get the loan to go to school and not get the loan to own a home? Because they sold you the dream. They made you believe that you will go to school and get a “good” job. Let’s think about that for a second. You are paying to go to school in order to get a job, just to pay for going to school. Oh, they forgot to mention that after six months of graduating, you have to pay these student loans back WITH INTEREST! You might be thinking, what if I don’t get a job within six months. The bank doesn’t care, they want their money and they want more than what they originally lent you. #MobLife

Plus let’s be honest, if you’re black it’s going to be harder for you to get a job. Because no one ever taught you about a little thing called nepotism. There are two definitions of the word nepotism; the only difference is that one uses the word “unfair” in it and the other one doesn’t.  Nepotism is defined as the practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs. Now let’s add “unfair” to the definition. Nepotism is defined as the “unfair” practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs. Now this is going to sound harsh and it may seem unfair if you look at it emotionally, but nepotism is actually the logical thing to do.

For instance let’s say that I own a company; Am I going to hire a family member or friend that I know I can trust or am I going to hire a random person that I never met before and his only qualifications are on paper (resumes and degrees). Even if you have way more credentials and are better qualified than the boss’s cousin, it doesn’t matter. It is about survival and making sure that you and yours are good. We as black people must not have gotten the memo, because every other race (race for power) is headed towards the finish line while we are sitting here being emotional (click this link to hear it from the goddess kelley’s mouth) instead of strategizing and running the race correctly.

If we really want to get in this race and win we need to quit blindly shipping our kids off to school without having solid plans for theirs and our futures. We need to instill entrepreneurship values back into our children. We also need to give them skills that will be profitable forever. Our kids need to learn how to be carpenters, electricians, farmers, mechanics, plumbers, engineers, doctors, politicians (politics whether you like it or not has always been around), etc. These are the thing that will progress us forward. No one needs a person with a business degree (shots fired…@ myself -_-). Plus the library is a free source of abundant information and there are so many things that can be learned by going to the library and taking the time to study them.

I am not trying to deter anyone from going to college. I am trying to make people weigh their options. Is the degree that you want worth the debt? Will going to college help you to accomplish what you really want to do in life? Sit down and plan it out. Write the pros and the cons and then weigh them. Call someone who has already went to school and listen to their story. For the even younger ones that are reading this and who really plan on going to school after school, strive for academic greatness so that you can get scholarships and grants.

It is time to excel in all areas of life. We can’t keep falling for the same traps. From a free man trying to prevent the next man from becoming a slave to debt, please carefully consider what you read here. Take this free game and run with it!