Functioning Illiterates

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All of the answers to our problems are really lying right in front of our face! But somehow we as a whole haven’t been able to solve them. The real reason why we haven’t been able to pull ourselves from out of oppression is because we can’t and do NOT read! Most of us are functioning illiterates. Meaning that we can read just enough to be able to order something off of the McDonald’s menu. That sounds harsh but it is real. Get out of your feelings and use your logic and intellect. If you can and do read then you shouldn’t be offended by this.

Is the age-old saying of “If you want to hide it from a n***a, put it in a book!” just a stereotype or is it true? A brother of mine recently told me about the 50/500 rule. The rule states that black men will spend $500 per year on the outside of their head (i.e. haircuts and hats) as opposed to spending $50 per year on the inside of his head (i.e. buying books and documentaries). When he said that it really hit me, because I thought about all of our warriors, writers, visionaries, scholars, activists and ancestors that have written books on the subject of “black” plight, but we still haven’t rose up from our situation. I know that it takes time to psychologically heal from all of the wicked things that have been done to us throughout our recent history; but I am certain of this, we would heal ourselves if we cracked open and read more books!

I said this before and I will repeat it again, TURN OFF and UNPLUG your TV. It is clinically insane for anyone of color, especially “black” people to subject themselves to such degenerative images of themselves. You will always be oppressed if you continue to let someone else dictate the things that enter your mind. Now prove the old saying wrong and pick up the closest book to you and dive in.

Soon I will make a section containing some good books for you and your family to add to your library. Until then Go Hard or Die Easy and leave a comment with a list of books that you think I and others should add to our library.

P.S. I got the title of this article from a guy on YouTube whose name is Minister Enqi. If you want to learn about and regain your health; I highly suggest that you go to YouTube, then watch a bunch of his videos.


    1. Author

      Thank you bro! The ones of us who do know better have to at least try and make the ones who don’t, do!

  1. Great read brotha Cliff.

    Here’s a couple of books

    – “Don’t Believe The Hype” by Farai Chideya Subject: Cultural

    – “Monopoly Rules” by Milind M. Lele Subject: Business/Finances

    1. Author

      Thanks bro for the book recommendations. I’m going to definitely check them out.

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