Get Out of the Way!

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About twenty minutes ago, I was walking down Alabama Ave on my way home. I was just about to make the turn onto my street when all of sudden I heard a loud pop and screech noise. I looked to the left and this car was flying up the street. It sporadically hit the curb and it looked like it swerved into the bus that was stopped at the light. So I turned around and jogged back a couple of yards to get out of the way just in case the car didn’t come to a stop. The car swerved, skidded and then made an illegal left turn then another turn down my street. My initial thought was that this person was running from the cops because I heard sirens in the background, but this is D.C. sirens sound EVERY night (I know the reason as to why the sirens go off every day but that is a story for another post). Still tho I wasn’t trying to get hit by a car.

After I got home I told my sister what just happened and she explained to me how a lot of people have died because they thought that they were invincible or that nothing out of the ordinary would ever have happened to them. I know for a fact that a lot of people would have just kept walking like nothing would’ve happened. You know how I know, because I see someone every other day walk in front of a moving car like they somehow wouldn’t be hurt if they got hit. Or they will walk in front of the car with that, “they better not hit me attitude on their face.” That has to be my pet peeve when people do that. Because they don’t what kind of day the driver has had. Maybe they just want to kill someone and you’re looking like their victim (that is kind of morbid but it happens). Or you don’t know if the driver even sees you. Maybe the brakes on the car just happened to go out. All off these things that could happen that should be accounted for are mindlessly not.

We have to start processing and using our critical thinking skills in our everyday lives. Just a couple of weeks ago my sister and I were walking down the same street when we noticed that the wall to the person’s house that lives across from the street where the incident earlier happened, was destroyed. It was destroyed because someone had ran into it with their car. I don’t know the whole background story to the wall but there were car parts scattered throughout the whole yard. Critical thinking is what made me to jog back a couple of yards to a place of safety. I quickly thought about the car doing the same thing as the last car by crashing into me and the wall. You never know when your last day will be, but why put yourSELF in unnecessary danger?

Get out of the way of people who don’t mean you any good. Get out of the way of any situation that does not benefit you and will only deter you from accomplishing greatness!


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