Get Outta Here!

In Community, Knowledge, Truth by Cliff Green

I swear they don’t see what’s coming. As a matter of fact, I know they don’t see what’s coming. If they did, their attitudes and demeanor would change. Instead, all I see is a bunch of zombies walking around aimlessly. That probably sounds judgmental to some but it’s not. Come up here and walk around Southeast D.C. with me and I am sure that you will be saying the same thing.

It’s not just happening here in D.C.. This is happening across the entire country.┬áIf they don’t tighten up before it is too late (it’s damn near too late). They will have to Get Outta Here.

P.S. Quit letting these shows and movies (The Walking Dead, Hunger Games, Divergent and the list goes on and on) rock you to sleep. Before you know it that “fiction” will become your reality.