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Go Grab a Pull Up Bar

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Every man should own a pull up bar that he can put up on a door frame in his house. They are cheap and great for days when you just can’t make it to the gym. Well they’re great period, being that the pull up is an excellent strength building exercise. Having an indoor pull up bar is an easy way to build upper body strength without ever leaving your house. This way you will no longer have any excuses as to why you can’t workout. If you don’t have a door that will fit a pull up bar, you can always walk to the local park and get some sets in. I won’t go into detail of listing all the benefits that doing pull ups provides because a simple Google search will yields millions of results; but I will insist that if you don’t have a pull up bar in your house, please go get one today and watch your body transform in just a week of doing pull ups consistently. That’s a promise!

If you were falling off of a Cliff 😉 and you couldn’t do one pull up to save your life, you’re in a bad situation. Ponder on that for a moment… As always thanks for reading. Peace and love to all the gods and goddesses out there!

P.S. I’m working to step up my pull up game to equal and surpass the god Red’s pull up game. I’m on your toes god! Don’t get caught sleeping!

Go Hard or Die Easy!!!


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