Go Kill Yourself!

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To all of my cigarette smokers out there, Go Kill Yourself! Oh wait, you already are! Go Hard or Die Easy! But I can see what side you chose!

Surgeon General’s Notice: I do not want you to actually Go Kill Yourself. That would be┬ácontradicting the reason as to why I started this site. 25 Black and Alive! My true intent is to spark (no lighter though) a fire within you that makes the god in you think twice before your next puff. Because I can’t for the life of me understand how anyone would smoke. As I wrote in I Can’t Breathe; You know that the system wants you in either of two boxes, a jail cell or a casket. But you still support the system and your own death by buying boxes of cigarettes!

If “#BlackLivesMatter” than you can at least act like yours does! Peace God. Wait… God wouldn’t smoke cigarettes. Peace!

Don’t be offended and don’t get emotional about the message. Build yourself and others. I hope that if you saw me doing wrong no matter what it┬ámay be, that you would hold me accountable for my actions. #Accountability


  1. I feel you. Cigarettes are awful – and a lot of companies market almost exclusively in poor black areas. It is crazy that marijuana is criminalized (but is starting to be loosened up on), while cigarettes have been known to cause all types of cancer and are legal. The body is a temple, as the good book says. We have to find better ways to deal with stress than to smoke our lungs out.

    Good work !

  2. Man tell me about it i remember when a few homies of mine started smoking cigs at 18. 18 my guy and i just didn’t understand. The worse habit anyone can pick up

    1. Author

      Yes it is. I honestly don’t know why or how anyone could continue to smoke with all the information out on smoking. It even tells you on the side of the pack that it causes diseases and illnesses.

  3. Another important message in this article. The underlying issue to most problems is emotion. There’s right and wrong, its black and white. We try to justify an action because they way we feel… Therefore, choosing to remove emotions from our decisions will help all of us make right decisions..!

    1. Author

      True indeed brother Rob.They are stuck on a feeling. Even though all logic shows that you shouldn’t smoke. Emotions are deadly.

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