All hands out. No hands in.

In Truth by Cliff Green2 Comments

People always have their hands out. Let me ask for help. Nobody wants to put their hands in.


  1. 1918 possible Russian folktale. I remember reading it in Mother Goose when I was little: In the tale, the little red hen finds a grain of wheat and asks for help from the other farmyard animals (most adaptations feature three animals, a pig, a cat, and a rat, duck, goose, dog, or goat[1]) to plant it, but they all disagree.
    At each later stage (harvest, threshing, milling the wheat into flour, and baking the flour into bread), the hen again asks for help from the other animals, but again she doesn’t receive any help.
    Finally, the hen has completed her task and asks who will help her eat the bread. This time, all the previous non-participants eagerly volunteer, but she disagrees with them, stating that no one helped her with her work. Thus, the hen eats it with her chicks, leaving none for anyone else.
    The moral of this story is that those who make no contribution to producing a product do not deserve to enjoy the product: “if any would not work, neither should he eat

    Think of it as Life Lessons.

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