Hardened Hearts

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Are we living in an age where the majority of the peoples’ hearts, minds and souls are so hardened that they choose to not want to see or hear truth? I only ask that because, it is easy to tell where a person’s heart is as soon as they open their mouth. It is also very easy to tell where a person’s mind is in observing their actions.

I ride the metro to and from work every day. Earlier today, I got on the train and as I usually do, I thoroughly inspected it to make sure that there wasn’t anything on the seat. I noticed some trash on the floor (as I thought to myself are people innately nasty) but nothing too out of the ordinary. So I sat down. Not even within two minutes of me sitting down and thinking what I thought, a guy one seat up and across from me pulled out a leftover food box and placed it on the seat in front of me as if the seat were a trash can. I jumped to say something but something told me to just fall back, laugh and just nod my head in disappointment. As I was laughing I was looking around at other people to see if anybody else felt that what he did was inconsiderate or something. I was the only one laughing, so I guess I was looking like the crazy one.

I told that short story of me witnessing someone littering because it shows where the hearts and minds of the people are. A lot of “black” people claim to be Christian (a religion that was forced upon them, but that is a story to be told another day). They will tell you how they believe in God. They will tell you how God created the heavens and the earth and everything in them, but will disrespect their god, the same god they profess to love by destroying the land he made by littering. The roads and sidewalks within the community are lined with trash up and down the streets. The houses are blighted (that has to do with economics, so there is an excuse for the houses.) Instead of cleaning the streets ourselves, we wait for Europeans to come through and clean it for us. Not realizing that once they are in the neighborhood cleaning, they are planning to move in and before long they’ll be kicking us out. Its called gentrification.

A man/ woman with love of self does not do himself nor his neighborhood a dishonor by littering in it. He takes pride and joy in building what he has even if it is a little. But since the love of self has dissipated and people’s hearts have hardened so much; they elect to not take care of the land. If you don’t love thyself, you surely won’t love thy neighbor, so you wouldn’t have a problem in taking thy neighbor’s life. A neighbor doesn’t necessarily mean someone living close to you. Only a hardened heart could kill another man especially one that looks like you.

It may seem as though littering is no big deal but it is. It shows a lack of consideration for other people. As in the story earlier someone else got on the metro and had to move that box in order to sit down. What if the guy that sat there, sat in some of the food’s juice and he was on his way to an interview. His whole day would’ve been messed up.

Someone may say that the people don’t feel as if the land is theirs therefore why should they even care if they litter anyway, being that we used to be slaves on this land. That’s an understandable point to be made. But with a little soul-searching and research, you find out that the story of slavery didn’t happen how it has been told to us over the years. The way that his-story has been taught to us is purposely taught in a way to harden our hearts and minds. To put you in a mind-state of feeling defeated. But that shouldn’t be the case not one bit. Just by you being able to read this shows the resilience and perseverance that we have as a people. I gave a hint that the Moors and other people were already on this land before Cristobal Colon “discovered” it in Slave Ship Mentality. There is and was way more than meets the eye.

Don’t spend all of your time trying to get money so that you can move out of the hood. If you do so you’ll never realize that the hood is a hidden gem within itself. We just have to take care of it. Play your part and keep your yard clean. Remember that Somebody’s Watching, so please play your role in our awakening!

Peace, love and blessings to you and yours!

P.S. To the people who think I may be reaching by using the term destroy when speaking about littering. Calm down Sheila/ Billy! I know there are major things happening out here that are really destroying the earth and its atmosphere. But we have to fix our own homes (self) before we can fix anyone or anything else.


  1. Once again, good points. Consideration is lacking heavily in our communities and even at our place of employment. Where people get up and just leave there food on the table. As you mentioned, lack of self respect and well being. Bravo Blackman!

    Bro. Ham

    1. Author

      Thanks for commenting Brotha Ham. That is so true that the lack of consideration for others is nearly gone in today’s society. I see it every where I go.

  2. I completely agree. I jog thru this neighborhood and it’s crazy how some people will keep their yards and home looking pristine while other houses look almost abandoned with overgrown grass, trash and dirt build-up. {Seriously, how much does a power wash cost?} So you’re observation and analogy is spot on. It trickles up from how you speak, carry yourself and dress all the way up to how you treat your neighbors, your car, your home or anything else that you own or that represents you.

    1. Author

      Even in you jogging through the neighborhood as a way to take care of your health and represent yourself , a lot of our people without a love of self seem to look at you like you’re an alien for even doing that. I get weird looks every time I go for a run.

  3. I just want to say good article but littering is a huge deal and definitely is a major factor in destroying this land that God let us “rent.”

    1. Author

      True indeed. Littering is a choice. We can’t complain about our neighborhoods if we a play a part in destroying them.

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