He who hesitates is lost.

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Nobody cares about you like you do. Of course there are people out there that do have your best interest in mind. But they still can’t care about you as much as you should care about yourself. Therefore, you should invest in yourself. Do the things that make you better. Purchase the items that will help you develop as a person. Purchase them without hesitation.

A lot of times we debate with ourselves whether the thing that we are looking at is really worth the price tag and the tag may be steep. But most of the times it is worth it. Have you ever had a product that you know you wanted but you let the price tag deter you from purchasing it? So you put it down only to think about it later. Then you go back to the store, pick up the same product, debate it in your mind then put it right back down again. I know I have done this many of times. Only to find out that when I did purchase the product that it was everything that I wanted and more.

I am not condoning pure consumerism because a lot of people do spend their money on foolish items. I am talking about that item that you have envisioned in your mind to be useful. You know that it will be a good return on your investment, but you were just too scared to invest at that time. So you hesitated. And when you finally do come back with the mind to grab it, it is gone. You end up missing an opportunity. That feeling burns doesn’t it.

Don’t you go to work in order to make money to buy the things that will make you happy and better? Don’t let money be the determining factor in how you live and enjoy your life. Work to get it, get a lot of it, but don’t hoard it away. Enjoy it. And at the same time make sure that you are building/ leaving something behind for generationS (emphasis on the S for plural) to come.

Hesitation comes from doubt and fear. But you are you and God is God. How could you doubt that? You got it. Invest in yourself! That is one decision that you will never regret. Neither will the people who come behind you.

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