Hit the Steps

In Health & Fitness, Inspiration, Motivation, POWERgraph by Cliff Green

Since we always have a choice in everything that we do; if the option presented in the featured picture was presented to you, what option would you choose? Would you take the escalator on the left or walk up the one hundred and six steps on the right? To the athletes out there this one simple decision will be the difference between you and your counterparts. To the ladies out there that want that bottom and legs that us guys go crazy over, this one simple decision will help tone you in all the right places. In D.C. a lot of the metro stations have steps. In neighborhoods across the country there are city steps that are available to walk up and down.  When you add steps into your daily routine, you will increase your blood flow and drastically improve your overall health. Plus if you can’t afford to pay for a gym membership; they’re FREE!!!

I pray that this short ARTicle motivates you to Hit the Steps more often. And as always I’d like to thank you for reading.

Go Hard or Die Easy! And remember that Somebody’s Watching!