Hood Logic

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This hood mentality that we all carry around needs to go or to be redirected in the right direction. You know about that hood mentality that I am talking about; where everybody is a tough guy. That nobody better test me because I got something to prove mentality. That mentality that has people doing things out of pure emotion and ego without ever thinking about their actions logically before hand.

For instance, a couple of months ago I was back home in Pittsburgh driving down my old street, when I noticed four young teenage girls walking down the middle of the street. As I got closer they all did what any thinking person would do and moved left to get out-of-the-way of the approaching car. Then all of sudden I noticed that one of them got struck with that hood logic and decided to walk back into the street as if they were going to test the person driving the car. I know that’s what she was doing because I seen her look back with a grin on her face to see how far I was away from her. I kept my pace just to see how far she would go but she smartened up and moved out-of-the-way.

I noticed that her and her friends laughing but the laughing ceased when I stopped the car and rolled down my window to say something to her. I looked at her with the stupid face and said, “Baby girl, PAY ATTENTION!” I could’ve and should’ve said so much more but at that moment it didn’t pop into my mind. She had the embarrassed look on her face. Not to toot my own horn, but it was probably more embarrassing/ shocking to her that a good-looking male said something to her other than what she is used to. Our teens have gotten so used to doing dumb stuff and getting away with it.

That wasn’t the first time that I have had to say something to a young princess for thinking she was the toughest thing moving. My mom was driving this time. While going down the road this young lady just decided to look at the car, seen that we were coming, but then proceeded to walk in front of us. After my mom stopped so that she didn’t hit the girl. I rolled down the window and said, “You’re  beautiful young lady with your whole life ahead of you, but you would’ve ruined it all if we would’ve hit you. What if the driver didn’t give a two cares about you and decided to hit you. Then what? You would’ve just been another dead girl in the streets. Baby girl please use your brain. Think about it!”

Living in the hood breeds this mentality within us of not caring about anything. But this feeling doesn’t get us anything out of life except hurt and destruction. Believe me, I know because I bombed my whole first year in college because of that hood logic or should I say emotion. Because in reality that’s what it is; an emotion/ feeling that clouds our ability to think logically and to see the bigger picture. The two stories above are examples of that hood logic that will get us nowhere fast in life. Real logic would tell you that a car is a ton of metal, so if you were to get hit by one it could kill you or severely injure you. Also with the amount of people texting and driving, who knows if the driver is even paying attention to you or the road. Soon, I’ll be putting out the story of my brother E who is dealing with the actions of a person driving while texting.

I’m just putting ideas out there. I need the help of the people who are aware of this situation, to help cure the people who aren’t aware that their actions and thoughts are controlling their destinies. If you have any suggestions on how to cure this hood mentality, please let me know in the comment section below.


  1. Thank you for taking the time to post a comment on my blog! We can but put it out there and hope that the message gets picked up. I try and do my part in real life as well as on my blog, but progress can be painfully slow and seldom seen. Again, we can but try! And I think that you are doing a wonderful job here!

    1. Author

      No thank you! I have to do some catching up on your blog being that I just found you. But I KNOW from what I just read you got some FIIIIIIRE! Continue to push queen! You’re not alone even though some days it seems like it.

  2. I’m not originally from the hood, and thanks for following my blog, btw, but I lived in some later in life and I am all the better for having experienced ‘hood life’. I have many times wished that more Black people could have grown up to experience wide open spaces and farm life like I did. I was green as could be when I moved to Baltimore, MD and even though I had never seen homelessness or rampant drug addiction and gangs, I grew to love that city more than my own small hometown. I think it is hard for many to tone down the ‘hood mentality’ when dealing with everyday situations because my cousin that grew up in the hood to this day, has the ‘hood mentality’ of busting heads instead of thinking of other ways to handle issues. I noticed this quite a bit when I was in Baltimore. It amazed me that the instinct was to go with emotional anger and act on that without rationalizing the situation and come to the conclusion that there is more than one way to skin a cat. The brain is a powerful tool if used correctly.

    Great post!

    1. Author

      Hey Shelby thanks for stopping by. I just left a comment on your blog about how I am mad that I didn’t find you earlier or I would’ve been following you. You hit the nail on the head in saying that they are acting out of emotions and not rationalizing their actions. I grew up in the hood and I know where the anger comes from. It’s just so misguided. I learned to use mine in a productive way to change my environment instead of destroying it. I just hope that the message that you, I and others are putting out will be heard so that they do learn to one day skim that cat the right way. Thanks again for tuning in.

  3. I completely agree with your logic! We have to allow our inner thoughts to match our outer reflection! Hood logic is highly illogical when it comes to making a difference and setting yourself up to bring something worth while to the table! No matter where you are it has to start somewhere! Thanks Cliff for sparking up much needed convo! Stay Blessed!

    1. Author

      Shemaria, thanks for stopping by and dropping a jewel on the site. It is always appreciated. Hood logic is so illogical. It really sets you up for failure. I can attest to it from personal experience. I had to grow out of it, because it only hurt me. In hurting myself I ended up hurting others. As you’ve said it is never to late to change and start over again. I just hope that someone listens to us. Thanks again for stopping by.

  4. One of the problems we have is a lack of self-worth with a lot of our young brothers and sisters that they hide behind that hood mentality . Whatevet is going on in their lives breeds these children that come into the world having to fight. Then, on the national scale, we have so many people of color being killed by the people that are supposed to protect us. As adults, we understand that there are serious problems with the system, but the children and young adults only see that they aren’t important. They see that they aren’t valued in society and the only thing they have control over is their reputation, in their hood.

    1. Author

      Allison, I had to read your comment like three times, because you explained the predicament that we are in to a t. I am trying to figure out ways to make them realize that they do have value and that they are important. As Bradford said in an earlier comment we have to band together and show these kids the way. It’s been a while maybe since I have seen you, maybe as far back when left Wilkinsburg High some (geez we’re old) time ago. I hope all is well and I am glad to see that you and Ashley have stayed positive throughout the years.

  5. The first thing that needs to happen is black people with education/resources need to stop moving out of the hood. Our children have no hope because the do not see anything to have hope about.

    Black people or all to happy to move out to white areas when we get the opportunity. We forget about the children we leave behind and develop the mentality well I got mine so they need to get theirs.

    How are children in the hood able to see a better way if no one is there to show/teach them. We educated blacks have failed the hood children. We turned our backs on them. If our grandparents would have done what we are currently doing the civil rights movement would have never happened.

    We are our brothers keeper!

    1. Author

      Brother Bradford, thanks for stopping by and dropping some words of wisdom. I hate that “Let me get out of the hood” mentality. Instead of getting out, why not build? You said so many other things that I agree with as well. I consistently do positive things around my neighborhood because I know that some little kid may be watching. We are our brothers’ keepers. Let’s us continue to build with one another. Thanks again.

  6. I think we all need a little hood in us, we just have to use discretion when pulling it out/putting it away. With most things, I think it starts at home. If we teach our kids that being smart and aware is cool and that their body is valuable, they will listen. That subconscious will creep up when they know they should stop or change what they’re doing. I might have been a little ass in my day and acted like I wasn’t listening, but my parents instilled some things in me and my sister that really stuck.

    1. Author

      I love having that hood spark in me. I would never give that up. It’s just so misguided. And I can see it in not only our youth but grown folks as well.

  7. I don’t think there’s one way, one cure for this (negative) emotional state people carry from the hood. I like how you mention twisting the connotation of “hood logic.” When people say their from a “hood” there’s a negative undertone associated with it. And many people give the negativity/anger power over decisions in their lives.

    Positivity of self is for those who care. Therefore, positive things happen if this emotional state is directed to changing lives and empowerment of people. AGAIN we all know right from wrong. It’s all by choice. Remove emotion from logic. I heard that from a wise person. This topic is rarely discussed and overlooked. Thanks for the words of wisdom and sharing your time to empower others. Appreciate the article. aka Ref..

    1. Author

      Thank you for commenting brother! That’s exactly what i am talking about. That emotion or feeling tht we carry that has us do illogical things. Such as walking in front of moving cars.

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