I Love You

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Yeah, I love my wife. I love my family and friends too. I love them so much that I would do anything for them in their time of need or at least almost, lol. So, I established that I love everyone around me. But what about love of thyself?

Have you ever heard the phrase, “you must love yourself before you can truly love someone else…?” I believe this statement is true. How can you fully care for others if you struggle to love thyself? Loving thyself has levels. The way to achieve the highest level of love is to take the necessary actions. Am I fulfilled or what can I do to get to a point of fulfillment? Do I have a purpose? What is my worth? These are questions we must ask ourselves from a fundamental perspective of what our foundation as a person should compass upon. You simply can’t navigate thru life without direction.. without foresight.. without purpose..!

Stop looking elsewhere, look within. Question your current actions.. Is it beneficial for me to consume poison aka alcohol? Will it help me grow? Do I love myself enough to practice good habits such as eating healthy and working out regularly? Do I care to put time aside for this subject? We fall short of loving ourselves in so many cases. To start repairing ourselves from these issues where we fall short, begin telling yourself “I love you” at least once a day. Say “I love you” in the mirror and it’ll impact you tremendously. I use this tactic daily and it has provided me with a strong sense of happiness along with mental clarity. Try it today, it’ll transform your life. There’s nothing else that would make you happier than loving yourself.. Be responsible for putting a smile on your face. Just remember “I love you..”


  1. I like it. I mean I LOVE it! I’ll have to implement “I love you” into my morning pep talk.

    1. Author

      Kelly, thank you for your kind words. I value your response and appreciate your time. Love.

    2. Author

      Nidotopianwarrior, thanks for commenting on the article. Empowerment of thyself. Love.

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