I Respect Her G!

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I’m blessed to be able to work back to Pittsburgh from time to time. When I do, I usually go and spend as much time as I can with my family and friends before I have to work back to D.C. early the next morning. On this particular trip, after spending the day with my family, I have my mom take me back to the hotel so that I can get some rest, but before we go to the hotel we make a stop so that we can get some food real quick.

We stop at drive-thru of one of the more pleasant fast food chains. I’m not going to name the food chain because there aren’t any free advertisements over here (lol), plus eating fast food ain’t really my thing this was just a fly by situation, nonetheless no excuses though. As I pull up to the window, I noticed a beautiful, young, black lady handing the food to the person that was taking the order so that person could hand it over to the car.

There are different voice variations between every culture of people. So when this beauty heard my voice I guess she was intrigued to see who was in the car. So she looked in the car as she handed over the first bags of food and we locked eyes. I was intrigued as well. As she handed over the second bag of food, I noticed that the interest had completely died. As I was pulling off I thought about what could’ve possibly happened and why she got so cold so quickly.

I forgot to mention that my nephews were in the back seat and the second bag of food happened to be kids’ meals. She more than likely thought that the two kids meals were for MY kids.  But when I realized that, it was too late I had already pulled off. So all I could do is laugh at the situation with my mom. There was no way for her to know that them weren’t my kids. But I RESPECT HER G!

I respect her G, because she is a woman with standards. She is woman who doesn’t want to deal with a man who has baggage unless that baggage is packed and ready for them to go on a vacation. She is a woman who is working towards her goals and won’t let anyone or anything get in her way.

Please don’t take what I am saying out of context, kids are not the baggage. Kids are beautiful, artistic and creative souls. The ultimate goal in life is to bring life into this world. But a fair amount of woman deal with douche bags but they do so by their own choice. Women need to learn how to read what other people especially men are saying to them. The words that come out of a man’s mouth will ultimately show you where his heart lies. Is his conversations only based around sex and other mundane things? Or does he speak of the future and goals that you two could and will accomplish if you’ll became a union? Does this other person make me better in all aspects of my life or are they holding me back from being great? Do they respect your G? These questions can be asked for any type of relationship.

I guess my question is: would you date some one that has a kid?

I don’t mind because I have done so before and I really liked and enjoyed that person, but at that point in time I guess our stars weren’t aligned. You know who you are. 😉

As always thanks for reading and don’t be shy leave a comment telling me how you feel about dating people with kids.

ADDENDUM: This post wasn’t originally dedicated to the Goddess Dr. Francess Cress Welsing, but since she recently passed; I would like to pay homage to this beautiful soul that has left us, because I Respected Her G. If you are not familiar with her work, go watch the Isis Papers NOW and then buy her book. She’s gone but not forgotten. May you Rest in Peace.


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          We definitely need to reach the next generation. A lot of the wickedness is aimed at them. It’s easier to influence them into believing things are right when they are completely wrong. I can see how they have morphed their way of thinking .We need a means to combat the garbage that is being thrown at us every day.

  1. Perception perception. Lol. Like you guess already stated we all make snap judgements about people,its just human nature. Now to dislike or hate someone just because of what you THINK of them and not know of them is a problem (depending on the situation). This situation is one of them that get a pass. She has no time to ask you questions and conversate so all she has is perception and she has to hope her perception is of you is the actual you. To answer your question about dating someone with kids,again I would have to say it depends on the situation in your and that person’s life. As someone who has 2 children and knowing the time they take and the amount of love I give them. I wouldnt be surprised or upset if I was single and a woman wouldn’t want to be in a serious relationship with me. Some people,not just women, feel they need ALL of your attention. If you are a person like that then it’s best youdate someone with no children . Again good article cliff.

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      They always tell us to never judge a book by its cover, but in all sincerity how else would you be able to tell if you are attracted to someone at least in the physical sense. No one ever looks at someone that they think are unattractive and has an initial thought of dating that person. Its definitely best to open up the book and thoroughly read and study it before making any decisions. But in fly by situations that first look is all that you may have to base your perception on. Either way I respect the G of anybody who is focused. But back to the initial statement of judging a book by its cover; you can instantly see and feel it in peoples’ auras that are on their path.

  2. Everyday people pre-judge each other. What hairstyle are you rocking, type of clothes/lack of clothing being worn, year & make of the car you’re driving, etc. Some of these explain a LITTLE bit of a person’s character but there’s other ways to make a quick judgement call on someone. If forced to to judge on a fly by, pay attention to a person’s demeanor. Also, listen briefly how that person speaks. A person’s mannerism and communication habits (eye contact and clear speech) and are more authentic evaluations of where his/her heart lies. And I like the term “fly by situation” because its so true.

    1. Author

      We definitely do judge people on a daily basis from their outward appearance. In a sense clothes do not matter but at the same time they do. A man with his pants hanging halfway down, showing his boxers is going to get far more negative attention than a man with well fitted pants, Even if the man with the pants hanging is a pure genius that speaks well with good mannerisms. He cuts what people expect of him in half with the way that he is carrying himself. And for this particular situation, her judgement call may have not been right but it still was one that I can respect.

  3. I get what you’re saying: when you’re in a fly-by situation, you have to make an on-the-spot judgement. Of course, in a situation when a woman can get to know a man better, she should get some information/explanations before judging. Based on the situation, unless she was gonna ask a customer “Are those your kids?” with her manager within earshot, she did the right thing.

    1. Author

      I think that she did the right thing. As you have mentioned she was at work and fraternizing with customers is usually frowned upon. Thanks for dropping by, brother Daniel.

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