If You’re Scared of the Truth, Don’t Waste Your time Reading This!

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We really need to start being completely honest with ourselves and others or else we will never progress forward as people. This post will discuss black plight. I wrote that not to exclude other races but to hopefully have other races be truthful with themselves to see the disregard and inhumane things that they have done and are still doing to “black” people or to people of color. It would be nice for people to understand that the progression of one race does not mean the regression of another. In fact the progression of one is the progression of another if we were wise enough to move in unison. But I won’t hold my breath….

Back to black plight and our inability or should I say our lack of interest in being honest about why we are still in the situation that we are in. The truth is “black” (really all people) people don’t want to hear nor abide by the truth. Because once you hear and understand the truth, you have a couple of choices. You can (a) hear the truth and abide by it or (b) you can completely ignore it and keep on doing what you were comfortable doing for so long.

I was reading through the comments on a YouTube video of a guy in the so-called “conscious” community. This guy made some money and moved to an affluent neighborhood. A lot of people are mad at him and calling him a fraud. I don’t know the man personally so I have no say in what he is or what he isn’t. A lot of the comments were saying things like, “He should’ve stayed in the hood. He’s driving all these cars. He could be using his money to build schools for us, etc.” These comments got me thinking about it, like hold on, isn’t there already schools in our neighborhoods? Yes, there are a lot of schools in are neighborhoods. Yes, they are closing down schools at alarming rates. And yes I am highly aware that these schools don’t teach us everything that we need to know. I am completely aware of the disenfranchisement that is happening to our youth. I do think that we need to build our own. But let’s get back to being honest/ truthful. “Black” youth (adults as well, being that they are the root of the youths’ problems) do NOT care, especially about school.

I know a lot of people are going to be mad at that statement and my stance may evolve into something different being that I and people change with growth, but if I were to call it like I see it and I have seen it from a first hand experience, “black” youth do not care about school.  I am black and went to a predominantly black school in what most people would call the “ghetto” (that term has been so misused). I remember from my own experience how we acted in school. As I sit here and reminisce on some of the stuff that we did in school, I’m kind of embarrassed.

The truth is we were terrible. Let’s look at a few things that we did. Everybody wanted to talk endlessly and never shut up even when the teacher asked us to. The utter disrespect that we had for school’s property especially the books is mind-boggling. We disrespected teachers and other authoritative figures. Even though we lived in the hood and we were all broke we were always worried about who had on the latest J’s. The list can go on and on but you to get the picture. I lived through it then came back and was a counselor for a high school youth program. It is the same thing today as it was when I was in school.

If we want to fix or heal our situation, each individual especially parents must be honest with themselves and take responsibility for theirs and their children’s behavior. Because even though the schools may not be teaching us true history, they still do teach two of the fundamental things that we need to prosper; math and science. No matter what your complexion may be, excelling in those two subjects will almost certainly lead to future success. I know we would like to blame the schools and I am not deflecting that blame because they still do bear a lot of it, but let’s look at this situation even deeper.

MOST teachers didn’t become teachers in search of the glamorous, high paying career that it would give them. They became teachers because they had a passion for it. They loved the idea of being able to make a positive change within a child’s life. But just like with anything else, if you keep trying to do what you love and all you get in return is rotten apples, sooner or later your fire is going to dwindle.

Of course there are black youth that do care and want to excel academically but if the majority of us were and are like that then there really wouldn’t be a purpose to this site. How does that saying go, “One bad apple ruins the bunch”? So how are you raising your children? Are your raising them to be academically inclined or are you raising them to be televisionly (Yes, I know that isn’t a word [laughing]) inclined? Are you teaching them behavior that has them protesting in the classroom or are you teaching them to be pro-test? Are you teaching them to be leaders or to be followers? Are your kids more inclined to remember this garbage music out here or to remember their algebra lesson? Remember to be honest. Look at yourself and your parenting style. Please do not be offended by these questions. If you TRULY want to reverse the ills that are happening in our neighborhoods, then the real work starts at home.

Was this post truthful or far off? Let me know you honest opinion and what we could do to change our circumstances.


  1. Super dope!!! Everybody wants to blame the system and not the support system you have to put in place for your loved ones and friends

  2. I have to say education is definitely taken for granted in the US by many. When I was in high school I had the opportunity to go to Honduras with my church. I know it was almost 20 yrs ago (shhh don’t tell lol) but I remember realizing how much we took it for granted. People there had to quit school to take care of their families and all they wanted to do was learn. So I think a lot of it comes with maturity and t he fact that everyone learns different. But we definitely take education for granted. Great read

    1. Author

      We definitely do take education for granted. People around the world would kill just to go to school here and we treat it like it’s a door mat. Artificial intelligence is becoming stronger as the human mind is becoming weaker. I guess we won’t appreciate it until it’s gone. 🙁

  3. Powerful message, the truth in this article is undeniable. We need to dig a little deeper in our souls and fill our minds with drive to a better future. You shed light on a trend that needs to stop immediately.

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