I’m working to put away my childish ways!

In Poetry by Cliff Green

I working on putting away my childish ways

So I ask

If I’m I lame

Because I fall asleep

With a book next to me

I’m young and I’m handsome

I could have a lady sexing me

But I’m focused

Trying to create my own magic

And see through their hocus-pocus

Look it up

The system is playing tricks on you

Just because she thick

Don’t mean she need to put her thick on you

They hype it up

Like sex is everything

Who am i kidding

It is…

If you got the right one

But I wish I was this wise

When I was that young

Cause what’s more manly

Than having a son

And building a black family?

I freestyled this poem. I typed it up as it popped into my head. I wanted to make it a little longer but then I realized that the question posed at the end is a powerful one. With all the lies, tricks, deceptive measures and outright evil plots that have been aimed at the black man and woman in order to break our relationships down: What is more manly than building a black family? Let me know in comment section below.