It Starts With YOU!

In Knowledge by Cliff Green

Why are you waiting for someone else to revolt in order to for you to revolt? They say that the revolution will not be televised and they are absolutely correct. The revolution must happen within YOU! For instance, if you start to eat better and cut all junk and fast food from your life, you will no longer become sick and in need of doctors (unless you need surgery). You would then become one less person that they can sell prescription drugs to. If you turn off the television and become that creative being that the Most High has put you here to be, you will no longer be supporting the media and you will cease to be bombarded with all the negative self images that it imposes on you. You will also find a means to make your own media outlet.

We are dealing with energy vampires and actual blood sucking vampires. I know to some that may sound spooky, but have you ever wondered why so many children go missing, never to be found again? I won’t dig to deep into the vampire thing, but if you’re curious to know, all you have to do is a Google search of Catholic/ Jewish Circumcision Ritual. All the information is literally in the palm of your hand. They are only smart phones if you use them correctly. But by cutting the media out of your life you are no longer giving your energy to things and people that don’t matter. So therefore they will soon cease to exist in your mind and in your reality.

Focus on building yourSELF into the strongest person mentally, physically and spiritually and the battle will be halfway won. We need more energies and the only way we can win this war is if you get yours right! Remember it starts with YOU!

Go Hard or Die Easy!

Cliff Green 25 Black and Alive