A jack of all trades is the master of none, but oftentimes better than the master of one.

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It’s hard to completely focus in this day and age. Something is always pulling you this way or another. Well at least I can speak for myself. I have many interest. In having all these interest I sometimes tend to distract myself. I will be working on this project but then all of sudden the thought of my other ambitions pop into my mind. A lot of times I may start working towards other goals before I have completed the initial one. This brings up the question: Is a jack of all trades the master of none?

I have accomplished a lot of things in life thus far and will accomplish many more when I work on giving my undivided attention to the task at hand.

I think that being a jack of all trades is better than being a master of one. If you’re only good at one thing than your value is only quantified by that one thing. You don’t bring much to the table. Now on the other hand the jack of all trades is knocking things out left and right and can be called at a moments notice whenever or where ever he/she is needed.

Master one thing then move on to the next. Learn how to do something new. Try it, fail at it, then get back up and do it again until you have conquered it. Explore all of the possibilities that life has to offer. Not only will it make you a happier person. It will make you a brighter person in the eyes of others.

You owe it to yourself to be great!


  1. I struggle with this too Cliff! My interests are so extensive that I just can’t focus on one thing very long. I want to be everywhere and have my hands in every pot – so much so that I end up with a ton of unfinished projects or goals. I’ve learned that even with those unfinished projects, we still have achieved success (even if not as far-reaching as it could have been had we focused more). I like to think that we have spread our talent to various areas, rather than just one :). But I AM working to focus on just 1-2 things heavily though. That candle line I told you about as well as blogging.

    1. Author

      Sometimes even though we do have the ability to do many things at once, we do spread ourselves way too thin. I got a lot on my plate right now. I am going to choose one task and knock it out. My boy and I literally just had this conversation about pacing ourselves and focusing. Knock one thing out then move to the next.
      When the candle line drops I will be first in line. Also along with blogging you need to be compiling your writings for a book. You tell compelling stories. I’ll be over here sipping my tea waiting.

      1. lmao you always make me smile. I will have a candle with your name on it! You can light it while you read excerpts from my book 😉

          1. I won’t, I promise! Singing Fantasia “you got me waitiingggg you got me waiiittting, and I’m telling you everything you need to hear like BABY COME NOOWWWWWW” – *cough* okay I’m done. 😀

          2. Author

            Lmaoooo! You threw it back. You’re silly! And yes don’t have me waiting too long!

  2. Im going give you a B+, I like that it was short and simple, but I feel like you held back juuuust a little. Maybe provide some basic financial advice, like diversifying their investments.

    1. Author

      Thanks for the B+ god! I gave financial advice in other post. I can’t always write everything that needs to be said. Cats got to do some research their self. But you are always appreciated son. Maybe they’ll take your comment and research on how to make sound investments.

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